Thursday, 28 January 2010

Strings 2009 finished

I've finished!!

I'm so pleased with it, I've never done a string quilt before and it worked out so well. This includes fabrics from all the quilts I've made in 2009 so it is such a great memory aid. Seeing the different fabrics in it tells my quilting journey throughout the year. I even used some selvedges in it.

It is 44x44 inches and washed up without really shrinking. I quilted it very heavily for me anyway to keep all the seams secure.

I decided to do some of the blocks larger as I had some pieces from quilt background trimming and rather than cut them down to the smaller size I made them bigger.


Stephanie said...

Great job!!!

Béa said...

Beautiful finish. Hugs from France !

Shevvy said...

Thank you.. I really enjoyed making it.

Ulla said...

I like the soft colours!

Shevvy said...

Thank you Ulla, I can't saw I planned it that way, its just the beauty of doing a string quilt.