Wednesday, 16 June 2010

No more 2am starts

Hooray. I'm back unemployed so I don't have to do any more 2am starts. What a relief! I never want to do those sort of hours again. I'll only be getting up that early if I've got a plane to catch.

I will have time to get on with my sewing as well. I finished this quilt last week. Its been a top waiting to be finished since the new year. It was made from a scrap pack and made a nice baby size quilt 42x48 inches. There are some random fabrics in it like the snails and lots of lovely spots. I used a nice spotty fabric for the background as well.

I just did some basic straight line quilting and was pleased at how it came out. This will probably be donated as well at some point. I don't know anyone who has had a girl lately.

I realised when I was finishing this that I have a habit of using my scrappy fabrics and not my lovely designer collections. I think I am nervous that I will waste the fabrics and mess them up in someway. I can play with the cheaper stuff and not worry so much about the outcome. Does anyone else think like this?

Anyway, lots more sewing to come as I said over the summer as well as a big spring clean on the house. Domestic duty have been very much neglected lately and its in major need of a good scrub!


A Garden of Threads said...

YOu sound so happy to be unemployed, must admit those hours were very early. Glad you can get back to quilting, you need to find a pattern that you love and use the designer fabric on something special just for you.

Cynthia L. said...

I think the quilt is very pretty, I really like the snails! You did a good job on the quilting of it. I am like you, I hang on to my "Good Stuff" for a special quilt - just haven't found the special quilt yet! Your joy at unemployment cracks me up - are you secretly rich??

XUE said...

This is another pretty quilt, Shev & I love those snails too! I am quite happy being unemployed for decades too! Happy warm days!

Shevvy said...

No secret millions yet I'm afraid. I am planning on winning the lottery soon though!!! Or finding that man that is going to keep my in the style that I could quickly become acustomed to...
I am a careful saver and not very extravagant with the pennies (except for fabric) and as my partying days are behind me I don't spend a lot which means I have the luxury of taking the time off.
If I pass the course this term and carry on in september I'll see about something part time to keep me ticking over.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Housework and cleanliness are highly over rated Shevvy.

Enjoy your days of leisure. I'm quite envious.