Friday, 17 September 2010

Favourite things Friday

Joining in with Mrs P's new theme over at of favourite things friday my favourite thing this week is ----- ME!!!

Now no, I'm not being a bigheaded freak, but I started the next term of my counselling course this week. Its a long journey of 4 years until we qualify as it is only part time but I know the biggest thing I have to deal with is giving myself unconditional positive regard. If I can't be kind and caring to myself and show myself love, how can I be that way to others!

So from my early beginnings as a London urchin in the 70s

through to the new romantic 80s as a teenager

and my very brief fit phase - I walked the whole way down this mountain at 19 (please note down, not up thats what cable cars are for)

and my even briefer glam phase in my early 20s (in the most expensive item of clothing I've ever had - £250 in the early 90s, worn once and still in my wardrobe)

to a homeowner in my later 20s

and becoming a freelance consultant in my 30s

I'm now fat, forty and fabulous starting a whole new chapter of my life!


Seams Inspired said...

What a wonderfully fabulous favourite! :o) Enjoyed the trip down your memory lane. Visiting from FTF. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! :o) Larri at SeamsInspired

quiltfool said...

Thanks for the look at YOU! I love how styles change and you picked great pictures to share. And, I don't think thinking of ourselves as our favorite things is at all bad. I'm trying to do the exact same thing. Lane

Michelle said...

I love it!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I LOVED seeing the evolution of Shevvy. I have a few pictures laying round where we're sharing haircuts /styles from the same time periods.

What's cool about your 40's is that by that time you've worked out who you are and are pretty comfortable with it.

I think this was a fantastic post! Thanks for sharing your FTF.

P.S. I just got rid of a dress like that from my 30th birthday that I'm never going to fit into again...

Aunt Spicy said...

Congrats on owning who you are!

annabelle said...

Hi Shevvy, fat, forty and FABULOUS - it is lovely to see how you look and how you have evolved. I do not dare put such personal stuff on the web and do not ever mention my family (only nick names) or talk about myself - and certainly no pics. Seeing such stuff makes me think I am being unnecessarily cautious. Love the hair colour at late twenties and even more now.

Shevvy said...

Thanks Annabelle, I'm very cautious usually as well, up til this I had only I think put one photo of myself on the blog. I never use full names or anything though, even Shevvy is a nickname, but this post just seemed to write itself.
Unfortuately the hair colour is out of a bottle now, but its a fairly good match to what it was before it went grey!