Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Loving the Love

Amy Butlers Love that is. Here are the blocks I've made so far laid out on my design bed. I didn't know how big I would make this when I started but I like it so much I will go bigger. At the moment it would end up 46x70 which is around my comfort zone for when it come to quilting but I will add a bit more now and push myself.

I went to the V&A again on sunday to see an exhibition of Grace Kellys dresses. The weird thing was a lot of them (especially from the 70s) were horrible. Then they had a picture of her wearing it and it looked amazing on! Very enjoyable though, it finishes this week so not much time left if you want to go.

Everytime I go to the V&A there is always something new to discover. We walked around the Ironwork collection which had the most wonderful pieces and shapes. These gates look like they are made with string, such workmanship.

A random staircase had this installation which is made from picture frame corners - lots and lots of frames!

And a view down into one of the scupture rooms.

Have I mentioned I love this place?


XUE said...

That staircase is wow!
And we too, love V&A ever since we got to explore the "Small Houses" exhibit there, this past July. Happy Mooncake Fest !

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I am also loving the "love". The colour combo and your blocks make it look fabulous.

One of these days I'm going to V & A. Everytime you show pics I'm amazed at the diverse range of things you show. Those stairs are wow !