Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Finally achieving something

I seem to have not been doing anything crafty for a little while, instead its been all boring stuff like housework, accounts and filing.

I finally got started with some basting today though, this is one of NINE tops I have unfinished. Yes NINE! Why did I let it get so bad. Considering I only started quilting 18 months ago it seems a bit exessive but I'm determined to make a dent now.

It may take a while as I start a new contract next week. Its back where I worked earlier in the year so I know what to expect and who I'll be working with. The scary thing is that it is only 2 months (not the scary part) and I suddenly realised it takes me right up to Christmas! How is Christmas only 2 months away???? Where has the year gone?


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I was ruminating on what had happened to 2010 only the other day. It's scary isnt it?

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like a year was forever?

OK onto your quilts...Yes nine quilt tops is a lot. But ...quilting keeps you out of trouble. And you have a load of half finished Christmas presents there Shevvy. So really you're incredibly organised with your Christmas gift giving.

There are quite a variety of fabrics in the quilt top you're basting at the moment. What's the theme. Do you have a name for it? I'm crap at names for my quilts...

quiltfool said...

9 UFO's is nothing. I have more than that far enough along to hang in the closet and at least 9 still in small pieces. It's scary how fast I can move on to something new. I like the one you posted today, but like Mrs P, want to know if there's a theme to the fabric for the blocks. Lane

Shevvy said...

But I was so determined not to leave things half finished like I do with everything else. I have embroideries hanging around for years. Once I started a rug to give to an Aunt for her 60th and she got it on her 70th!
The quilt hasn't got a name, I'm rubbish at that. Its made up of charm square and I tried to make it a bit of a colour study, each one different from light to dark.

paula, the quilter said...

Lovely top, that. I just finished one very similar but using 30s repro fabric.

Marg said...

9 quilt tops, that makes me feel a whole lot better. I haven't done anything crafty all week. SO good on you for doing something. A lovely simple design, light coloured sashing is always my favourite. I'm crap at naming my quilts too. So far I've only named one, all the others go by the name of the majority of fabric range in it, or the pattern name, until I come up with a fabulous alternative.