Saturday, 29 January 2011

Innocent Crush

So last week I was finally ready to get the sewing machine humming again but what to do? I know I have a big pile of tops waiting to be basted and quilted but I couldn't face that.

Sitting staring at me was my stack of Anna Marie Horners Innocent Crush, so I decided to start cutting into that. I didn't really have a plan, I just started making nine patches out of them.

When I had a load of them, I dithered a bit then went for the square in square look. I then had 22 blocks, but they weren't really big enough as they stood, so I sashed around then with one of the fabrics from the nine patch.

It all seemed lovely but a bit full on. It needed a bit of calming down and I when through my stash for something to sash them with and found this dark red. It worked perfectly and came out 47x59 inches with 2 patches left over to go on the back.

How good are you at planning a quilt, or do you make it up as you go along?


Marg said...

Wow that's looking fabulous, can we have some more pics please.
I plan my quilts but they usually change as I progress, so for me it's a bit of both.

Shay said...

It's really really beautiful. I am not a fan of that particular line but for me the addition of the sashing took it from - "meh" to "lovely".

I plan my quilts before I start but I always end up changing something during the process, border colour, whether or not to add borders,configuration, fabrics. Maybe that means my planning is crap!

Cynthia L. said...

I have never "made up" anything as I go. I am so env of people who can see something beautiful in their mind when looking at a piece of fabric. I have to have a pattern and a good idea of the fabric. I too, would love to see more close up photos. From far away it is beautiful. I would love to see the patterns closer.

quiltfool said...

Sometimes I plan every step of a quilt and make it at least once in my head before I cut a piece of fabric. Sometimes, like the ship quilt I'm working on now, I just fly as it comes to me. Either way seems to work out, but the less planful I am, the longer I take because I have to keep making decisions. Lane