Sunday, 30 January 2011

Your wish is my command

I was asked for a few more pics of my innocent crush top so here they are below. You will see when you look closely at the fabric that some of it isn't the nicest - at least I think that but all together it came out good. The first pic shows the patches before I got the sashing out, you can see how they lack definition and needed something.

On a more practical note, I was very happy with myself yesterday, I fixed my washing machine! Hooray. Well it wasn't major, I use dryer sheets when I tumble dry and one had got sucked in and stuck in the filter. This happened about a year ago and I got a man out. Well I watched what he had done and was able to do it myself this time. I was all congratulating myself until this morning. My machine is fitted into my very teeny tiny kitchen and I had pulled down the plinth under the side the machine is on. I had left it down overnight to make sure the floorboards were dry where some of the water spilled. All good.

Then I tried to put the plinth back up and could I f***ing do it? No! So now it looks a total mess half hanging off under all the units. This is why I need a man to have the strength to clip it back onto the legs. They have to be useful for something! Now it will be like it for months until someone useful comes round. That sounds like I'm a bit of a hermit, honestly I'm not. I just tend to be the one running round to other houses or meet friends somewhere central. I very rarely have visitors as I don't really know anyone who lives close.

On a brighter note, as its near enough the end of the month I will fess up about my new healthy eating and exercise regime. Well over the month I've done about 15 hours on the WII Fit and do feel some improvements with my stamina. Thats more hours exercise than I've probably done in about 10 years! I haven't lost much weight, 5 pounds, but its a step in the right direction and I'll be happy if I can sustain that rate every month.


Shay said...

Just over 2 kilos is an awesome sustainable healthy weight loss. So way to go Shev.

Men do come in useful for some things. Mr. P takes out garbage and lifts heavy boxes!

And yes that sashing was perfect now that I can see the former layout close up.

Helsie said...

So glad you gave us better photos so we could really see your quilt. It is great! Now, where is it going to live?
On the weight topic - I have a similar problem as you know and am trying to move more. Well this month I have dieted and moved a bit more and have lost 3 kilos (6.6lb ) and I'm happy with that though I wish it would go off as quickly as it went on !!! Keep up the good work . If we can just maintain this rate we'll be heaps better by Easter won't we? and by 12 months? Do you think we can do it?

Marg said...

I wish more of my requests are answered so promptly!
They look really good, I can see why you needed the sashing, it looks great now. I found when I was making my quilt using that line I really didn't like some of them but once I made the quilt top I liked them a lot more. The only one I still don't like is the fabric in the second photo, the squares surrounding the centre square, with a browny background and purple yellow and mauve in a circular pattern scattered over it. I used it in my quilt too as I couldn't find another fabric in my stash to match.
Good on you, 5lbs in a month is a great start and they say losing it slowly is much better than losing it quickly as it is more likely to stay off. I might even have to start myself.

Cynthia L. said...

I really love the blocks with the sashing attached. I really brings out the colors and patterns.

Good for you for fixing your washer - too bad you need some help getting it where it belongs!! I hate to depend on people I don't know!

I think that your weight loss sounds great. I had lost a few pounds and then gained it right back. Haagen Daz will do that to a girl! Keep up the good work!