Saturday, 18 June 2011

Finally something to show you!

No, I didn't fall completely off the face of the earth over the last month, but this work malarkey is a nightmare!

Not only have I worked my first 5 day week in over two years (I'm sure you all feel very sorry for me about that!) I've worked days over the weekends as well and have the prospect of worse to come over the next two month. The good news, apart from the money I'm earning which is the whole reason for doing it, is that I'm over half way through now and have 9 weeks left to go! I'm going to be counting those weeks down, let me tell you.

This all means that my time sewing has been severely restricted, just a bit at weekends in between unpacking the suitcase, laundry and repacking for the next week. But, yes! I've finished something.

This is the quilt from Lynne's QAL over at Lilys Quilts and I have to say I'm very very happy with it.

Doing the curved seams scared me but on this large scale they were a lot easier to do than I thought. Each block was quilted separately and it made such a difference. I could never have got quilting like this if I was struggling with it all at once.

I was a big nervous as well about putting the quilt as you go blocks together and read loads of different instructions but in the end I went for my own bodge and it worked out fine. Most instructions end up with some hand sewing for the back and I just couldn't face that. I sewed the front seams with the wadding and back folded and pinned back. Then I trimmed the wadding to size so it just matched up and then folded the backing fabric over each other to create a seam. Then I sewed this is a sort of straight line from the back so I got as close to the edge as possible. I then did a few more wonky lines down the sashing so it all sort of blended! Not for everyone I'm sure, but I'm happy with it. Very, very happy with it.

The joins on the back don't totally line up, but who cares, I certainly don't.

The binding is a lovely stripe I had in stash that went really well.

Overall it is about 60x 90 inches, so one of my biggest every and when I think how much easier it was than the last one because of the quilt as you go I smile inside!


Sarah said...

wow! It's absolutely gorgeous, the fabrics, the way you've placed them, the quilting.. really awesome :-)

Shay said...

Ok that quilt is seriously freaking gorgeous. I love the quilting!I love the blocks and colours . In fact I love everything about it.

I knew you were working flat out but that didnt stop me thinking about you every so often all the same. I've been working insane hours too, so I feel your pain!

Leanne said...

It is wonderful! I love how you finished it and how it looks on that bed!

Marg said...

Shevvy it's fabulous. I still can't imagine how you found the time to finish it.
I agree everything about it is awesome.
I hope the next 9 weeks goes well, and quickly for you.

quiltilicious said...

Wow - really lovely job. I've got as far as one block...and that one is not even quilted!!

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

It's beautiful - great job!

Inspiredbyfelix said...

It looks totally gorgeous, and I love the quilting, well done on doing quilt-as-you-go!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous ~ both the colors you chose and the quilting.

Ruth said...

This is gorgeous - love the quilting! Found you via Brit Quilts on flikr!