Tuesday, 4 October 2011

So back to the pictures

So, laptop is all sorted. In the end the tech in the shop swapped out the hard drive from the bust one into a new one so I got to keep all my data, result! I thought it would get sent away and I would have to wait weeks.

So for some sewing news. I've finally caught up again with Sheila on the mystery QAL but she will probably go and post again soon to put me behind.

I can't show you some of the bits I've been doing as I haven't sent them off yet, hopefully I will get my act together this week though.

I did have a big go at my scraps again. I know I bleat on about how much I enjoy working with scraps, but it is so much fun.

First, I made a few more string blocks and then went ahead and quilted them all. I used all sorts of scrap batting/wadding as well and did straight line quilting in all different direction. I plan to put them all together using a gray sashing. Suddenly there is nearly enough for a full quilt.

I had managed to build up quite a pile of triangles again as well. I've already made two tops out of scrap triangles (one stars still waiting to be finished off and one using the Gwen Marstons book which became the Scraptastic quilt) so wanted to put them in a different configuration. I used some bits of solids hanging around and made 3inches squares and then sewed the triangles to opposite corners. I've put them together in blocks of 16 in a 4x4 setting with all of one background together and the scraps all the same colour.

I haven't decided if I will sash them yet. The chances are I will as then I can use quilt as you go so it makes it all so much easier. But, it doesn't matter, it will be months before I reach that point and I will see what it looks like when I have more.


Sheila said...

Love what you are up to with your scraps.Have put the Gwen Marston book on my wish list.
I love your latest Mystery Quilt offerings and I am due to do another post, possibly tomorrow if I have time but you are not behind now.

Shay said...

I love the string blocks in one colour scheme. What a great variation on a typical scrappy string quilt!

Glad they sorted out your laptop. It would have been tragic to lose all that stuff!