Thursday, 2 February 2012

I can resist everything but temptation!

Today I went to another show which is on at Bluewater Shopping Centre in the new events area there. One floor is taken up with card crafts and the other floor with yarn and stitching crafts. I think you can guess which floor I headed for. I do think it is a bit cheeky to charge for these sort of shows as they are mainly retail spaces so you are paying to go shopping, but there were a few small displays that made it worth it.

They had a few dresses from Downton Abbey on display.

Some lovely quilts and embroideries and lace displays, a couple of which are below.

And all sorts of textile crafts and it was nice and roomy so I had time to get close and see what was going on. I bought this book and the cord from the author as making these pots seemed suddenly irresistible, and she was a lovely woman. Also many years ago I did some pottery courses and have some of the results dotted around the house so coiled pots took me right back to that.

There were many kits from many different retailers but one stood out for me as they had stuff that was a little bit different. I hovered over some amazing blackwork stuff for a while but in the end went for these because of the colours and striking design. I have some stitching kits on top of the wardrobe going back 20 years, but still so what.

But my biggest temptation happened yesterday. Naughty Lynne over at posted a link to an item that I couldn't pass up. And the service was so good it arrived this afternoon!

What is in the box?

100 fat 1/8th of Oakshott cotton is what!


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Gasp. I need one! X

Sarah said...

OMG stoppit the pair of you, I sooo want one... :-P
Enjoy! Look forward to seeing some amazingly colourful quilting from you!

Shay said...

I would have been swooning over the costumes. Oh my gawd...those Oakshott cottons look wonderful. Im seeing a rainbow quilt. Do you have a plan for them or did you buy them for the pleasure of it?

Shocking Hocking said...

fab display - i loved downton abbey - i watched all of season 1, one after the other whilst ironing - fantastic - waiting on season 2 now...and as for your oakshott cottons - drool! it's too expensive to ship here so i'm going to dream about nipping 'home' to see my sisters and bringing a box home with me

Leanne said...

I would love that box of fabric, lucky you!

quiltfool said...

Love those stitching kits. I haven't tried basket making, but the blue string looks fun. And, I love your fat eighths. What a wonderful array of colors. Lane

Charlotte said...

I bought one of those a few months ago, and I LOVE it! So much fun playing with all the lovely colours. I've even managed to use some of it ;-)