Friday, 23 March 2012

Playing with curves and circles

I've been in a procrastinating mood this week. I have an essay and stuff to hand in at class next week and although it is on track I keep distracting myself with bits and pieces rather than just knuckling down and finishing it off.

I did discover this new technique for circles which also applies to curves so decided to have a play.

I dug out some fabric from my not very nice pile (nothing wrong with it but it was stuff I bought when I started quilted before I had discovered designer ranges), my freezer paper which I haven't used much and some pritt stick which is the only glue I had. No idea if it is fabric safe, but it was only for playing with.

I ended up with this mini and actually, I quite like it. The first curved seams went a bit wonky and had to be redone, but by the time I got to the circles (deliberately wonky) I was happy with it.

I then decided to practice circular echo quilting as I was playing...

It is actually flatter and more squared off than it looks and is about 9.5 x 12 inches.


Leanne said...

It's lovely, I hope you make some more curvy pieces.

Kelly said...

Love both the curves and the quilting!

Di said...

You are a bit of a clever clogs. Circles... Get you! I'm impressed. Di xo

Shay said...

I can only dream of circles. Sometimes a bit of aplay with a new technique is what it takes to stop you procrastinating !

Well done. I really like it too. Big pat on the back. (Who's the over achiever now hmnnnn?)