Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bad bad blogger!

Me I mean, not the application I use for blogging with.

I don't know why it has been so long since I last blogged, especially as there has been loads to say. Firstly I want to show off my fabulous name tag for the Fat Quarterly retreat next month.

The lovely Dianna at http://quiltova.blogspot.co.uk/ made it for me and I was blown away by how clever it was. I wish I was this imaginative. Its is stunning. If you look really close at the post mark you can see the date and FQR 2012.

And how fab is Queenie on the stamp? Its nearly to scale as well. Even using red for the envelope is a stroke of genius. Not only is the retreat going to be a red letter day for those of us who are squealing in excitement about going but it is the colour of the post boxes and the UK postal service.

The next bit of big news is that the London Modern Quilt Guild is having an exhibition - already! During the month of June starting on wed 6th at the John Lewis Oxford Street Bistro we have a selection of mini quilts on the theme "What modern quilting means to me".

I made my first mini, but it didn't quite work for me so I started again. I'm still not 100% happy with it but couldn't face doing it a 3rd time.

To me, modern quilting means using solids, neutrals and all the colours of the rainbow. It means being free form and wonky. It means doing what you want to do in a way that works for you without worrying about someone else's rules. It means playing with both the piecing and the quilting. It means having fun.

One day, I'm going to turn this into a full size quilt with a few tweaks.

I've also gone back to work - boo! So my sewing time has been drastically reduced. However, because I knew I was going to be earning I've been on a shopping binge for new fabric. I'll show you it all in another post.

I've also finally given in and got a smart phone. I'm still playing with it and what I can do with photos but I've also joined twitter - @ShevvyLondon. Probably not a great idea as it is just another way to waste time, but there you go!


Sheila said...

Isn't that name badge wonderful - I remember seeing it on Dianne's blog, hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Sarah said...

Love your tag :-) I agree with your stance on modern, its about fun and doing what makes you happy with it! Love where your mini is going :-)

two hippos said...

what a fab name tag! Will be great to see all the mini quilts up in John Lewis. Hope your first week back at work gos well too.

Colette said...

Love that name tag - genius! Lucky you!

Shay said...

Dianne did a wonderful job didn't she? I saw that over at her place and fell in love with it. Personally I think it fits you to a T.

Oh my goodness - back to work. How are you going with that ?

Di said...

Brilliant name tag. Lucky you!

Cynthia L. said...

I love your name badge! I am always in awe of people with that much creativity! I love, love, love your quilt. It looks so you. I am so happy that you used so many colors and a pattern that made you feel good! It really is beautiful! Have fun a work!?! :(