Sunday, 24 June 2012

What I've been up to

I seem to be up to loads at the moment but don't have the time to get to share it with you, therefore I am going to do two posts this evening to get caught up.

Firstly, the LMQG has an exhibition running at John Lewis' on Oxford Street for the month of June and some of us met up last weekend for lunch there and a good gossip. Then we moved onto Tricolette for some more chatting and sewing.

I know I am biased, but they do look very good in the display. Mine is at the bottom right. The theme was "what does modern quilting mean to you" and the interpretations are as varied and diverse as our guild.

I also went to the Sandown Quilt show yesterday. I have to admit, I found a lot of it quite boring and not very inspiring. A lot of the quilts and the stalls felt to me stuck in the past. I didn't spot a single piece of kona solid or any of the designers that I have come to love but then I don't think a lot of the visitors would have wanted that. I overheard not one, but two customers asking at different stands about cat fabric! I know, I know, just because it isn't my taste doesn't make it have less value but I think it was clear that my taste didn't match the majority there. I just felt that a lot of the work wasn't stretching either the sewer or the viewer.

However there were some pieces that were totally extraordinary and it was worth the entry fee just to get to see them.

I've been stalking Ferret online for a long time and knew she would be there. I even made myself go and talk to her and tell her how much I admire her work and she was delightful. We had a good chat about FMQ and she even mentioned that she might organise a 5 day FMQ retreat one day. If she does, I'm up for it. Because to learn from the person who can produce this - would be a privilege.

This is called Prometheus and is a whole cloth. See to the left the edge of a person, that gives you a sense of how enormous it is.

And here are some detail shots.

She also had a couple of others in the exhibition and more on her stand but I know I am coming over as enough of a fan girl as it is.

There were some other quilts that inspired me but I wanted to share this one with you. I've been stashing black and white fabric for ages, without really having a plan to how to use it. I've always been worried that the finished quilt wouldn't have enough zing in it. This one proves me wrong.


Tammy said...

gaahh! I can't believe I missed the Sandown show AGAIN! I am only a 5/10 min drive from there (no I am not rich enough to live in Esher)

That quilting is absolutely amazing, ahame I missed seeing it in "person"

MetroQuilter said...

The black and white quilt is amazing.

Leanne said...

Well, who would not be fan girl, that is amazing! As is the black and white, time for you to get started on your fabrics. Your JL display quilt is lovely too, as are all of them. The display is wonderful.

Kim said...

I went to the Sandown show on Saturday too - and thought much the same thing. I sort of thought it would be like that, but was still interested to go as I've never been to a quilt show, and live so close so I figured I should. I came to the conclusion that because I choose to surround myself with modern quilters online, and on twitter, and align myself much more closely with modern techniques and colours etc, that it can be easy to forget that the majority of quilters, especially in the UK are still very much traditional. I went prepared to spend money at Sandown but left with only a couple of books and some Aurifil, but no fabric, and especially no inspiration. Well, I say none, but it made me more clear about the quilts that I like to make, and that makes me happy!

Shay said...

I love all those modern interpretations of quilts. Yours is especially gorgeous, but I love the grey ones too. Im really into grey at the moment.

The quilting on Prometheus is simply amazing.

Ferret said...

Thanks for the comments on Prometheus :)

There is an answer to getting more modern quilts on show here, enter some :) Better still encourage others to do the same. The power to change the show is with the quilters. The show contains everything that is entered so....

As an added incentive I am sponsoring an award next year for people who haven't entered a national show before. Come and join in the fun and help build the show you want. The traders will follow the quilts and what the visitors ask for. In other words, when you use the free ticket that comes when you enter make sure you ask lots of the traders for the fabrics you want.

I think the stand opposite me had bundles of solids, I guess I distracted you, sorry :)

Marg said...

I love the black and white quilt, that's amazing. I've been saving black and white fabric too with no idea what to make.
I love the whole cloth quilt too, fabulous quilting.

Charlotte said...

mmmmm, cat fabric. My favourite. That FMQing is incredible!

Ferret said...

After sleeping on it, I had another thought. Who knows what percentage of quilters in the UK are modern/traditional or contemporary? I think you will find the answer is no one, and there isn't any way I can see to find out either because all the types read/go/do different things. The shows are a lot less traditional than they used to be, but from looking at the people collecting the quilts many of those who enter shows are the older generation (not that that will always mean traditional).

Now educate me, what counts as a modern quilt?