Saturday, 5 January 2013

I couldn't resist!

The latest fad sweeping the internet is the ScrappyTripalong and I couldn't avoid joining in.

I was just finishing off the Twisted Jelly Roll race quilt when it started and I couldn't resist. I started with a FQ Bundle of solids I had out. I Just had the need to start cutting and didn't want to waste time pulling a selection of fabric from stash. I honestly only wanted to try the technique.


The 4 blocks in the top left are from that bundle. I knew once it was finished I would need to carry on so I pulled a few matching solids from stash and some more oranges and yellows. Four of the six fabrics in the rest of my blocks will be the same, the other two colours will be a mix. I've already done the boring task of cutting them all, so its just a case of sew, press, cut, sew and press again.

I still want to do a much more scrappy version as well, I love making scrappy quilts anyway.

Have you caught the bug? I warn you, they are addictive!


Leanne said...

These are fun, and yes I have started some too. Mine are scrappy so far.

Kelly said...

I am resisting until I have my "must do" blocks and stuff finished. I love those solids in yours.

Marg said...

I'm trying very very hard to resist. It's getting harder though. They look like so much fun.

Shay said...

Really like those colours. They look fantastic.

I havent caved in yet but like Marg its getting harder to resist!