Monday, 8 April 2013

Finish a long - Q2

Well as I only just squeezed one finish into the last quarter, I am going to repeat the same list by editing the post.

I have one further addition as during my scrappy-trip-along addiction I managed to make not one but two tops.

This is the second which needs quilting.

The first one was the Not so Scrappy Tripalong: I have the top all pieced now.

Tufted Tweets top:

Scrappy hexagons: Made using my 2.5 inch scraps, still waiting to be made into a quilt.

The 9 patch group project: I have said much about this, but I have a bunch of handsewn 9 patches made a a craft meeting by various members, some who have never held a needle before. I need to do something with them to turn them into a top and quilt.

I made this FMQ sampler last year and still don't know what to do with it. Ideas? The best I have is a cushion.

Fragments top: This is what I do with all my teeny tiny scraps. I'm close to a quilt size now.

Loving the love top: I've been a bit scared at the size of this top for quilting.

 Timber top: I've never finished this off either!

String quilt: I have loads of block quilted already but couldn't find a pick of them.


AMH top: I made this once without any planning. I don't think it will be hard to quilt, but I've never got around to finishing it.

Girl on a swing: Get her finished into something, eg a cushion.
EPP quilt: This is a WIP and I don't know when it will finish.



Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

You are braver than me - I daren't get all my WIPs out!
I have made a promise though - I am going to finish them sometime this year - and only, ONLY start something new if it is completely necessary! (Who am I kidding?)
I really like the AMH top !

Charlotte said...

I've decided that if I don't look at my WIPs then they don't exist.

Leanne said...

There are so many excellent projects there, I am certain you will finish some of them. I am hard pressed to pick a favourite, I am looking forward to seeing them all. I am glad you have joined the FAL!

Gertie Pye said...

Really love your Sandown quilt! I am v excited about that for many reasons. Love the EPP too. I am getting my FAL list together right now x

MetroQuilter said...

Particularly love the Sandown quilt....good luck with the finishes

Marg said...

wow you have so many fantastic quilts. im not brave enough to list all my WIP's.

Shay said...

Im loving the love top too . Its wonderful .

And you had me at hexagons with that top ....

Karen said...

I love your tufted tweets quilt, i'm desperate to cut into my stack but need to finish some other WIP's first! lol! Good luck with your projects. :o)