Friday, 2 August 2013

The classes

I meant to write this post earlier this week, but I've been in a sewing frenzy which meant no time for blogging.

At the Fat Quarterly Retreat I took a number of enjoyable classes.

Firstly the one I was most keen to do. Sewing PJ Pants with Kerry. I've had a bit of a mental block about dressmaking for years even though I've wanted to do it and felt that this would kick start my attempts.

I decided to make some for my Mum, mainly because she is half the size I am so I thought it would mean less sewing and fabric wasted if they were awful. I don't know if it was a good or bad thing that I was sat next to Moira in the class. Talking and laughing hysterically is great fun, but it does mean a lot of mistakes get made. I unpicked as much as I sewed.

Unfortunately I haven't got a picture of the finished product, mainly because they aren't finished. Even though I did the S size, when I got my Mum to try them on they were still huge. I found that so funny I totally forgot about the camera. I will try and remember after I reduce them a lot and try them on her again.

But the class did inspire me. I had a top that I really liked the fit of that was wearing away and so I unpicked it to use as a pattern and made this.

Its not too shabby for a first effort. It fits for example and the darts in the front and the back are nice and smooth. The neckline is a bit wavy when on, I could have pulled the bias binding a bit more when sewing it. I might unpick it at some point.

My second class was also with Kerry and it was the fantasy fabric shop. Again, no pics, but I did enjoy the way this made me think differently about fabric. Particularly around storytelling which isn't something I ever do. I might try this one day with my stash.

I then did a trapunto class with Ruth Singer. This is one of those techniques that I've always thought, one day I might try that but never got around to so I was really pleased to get the chance at the retreat. Again, no photo (can you spot a theme) of my little sample but if I ever turn it into anything I will post it.

My final class was on another technique I have thought about a lot over the years but never tried. Cathedral Windows. This was with Brioni and I have to admit my output in the class was hampered by two things. It needs a lot of ironing (on an extremely hot day) and it was the morning after my second night drinking!

I did a little bit by hand but was really struggling to use the needle. However it was nice to sit around with a few friends and have a calmer lower key ending to the retreat.

When I got home though, I persevered. I could only do a little bit at a time because it was just too hot to do the ironing. I also cheated and gave up on hand sewing and went for the machine instead. I ended up with this panel which will probably end up as a cushion cover one day.

All in all, I really enjoyed all the classes, they all had me trying new things and challenged me to think about things differently.


Shay said...

Way to go for putting your big gal pants on and giving clothes a go (My big girl pants are still firmly in my drawer) I think your top looks terrific.

That cathedral window panel looks fabulous!

Leanne said...

Your top is lovely, I hope you keep up with the garment sewing. The cathedral windows are beautiful, I look forward to seeing the pillow.

Charlotte said...

fab top - most impressive! And I love the cathedral windows!

Judith, Belfast said...

Love your top S! I've a similar pattern cut out for my daughter but haven't drummed up the nerve yet to have a go!! Beautiful CW too! Jxo

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Wow Shevvy - the top is perfect! you have inspired me to rip apart my favourite top and make a new shiny one!!!!