Thursday, 8 May 2014

Being productive

Last month I set myself 4 goals in this quarters finishalong. Even that seemed ambitious based on my last few quarters, but amazingly I've managed to complete them all already.

Pther first one was a quilt for my old mate Jim. It's very imaginately called, "Jim's quilt". I'm so good at naming quilts aren't I?

It came about last autumn as Jim was in hospital after having the most severe treatment for cancer I've ever come across. He had it in his hip, but despite multiple visits to his GP and hospitals it was undiagnosed for 18 months. Therefore by the time it was discovered the only option he was offered was a hindquarter amputation. If you like me don't know what that is, it means removing the effected parts of the pelvis to remove the hip and then because it is connected the leg (which was perfectly healthy) has to go as well.

After the operation while he was recovering we discussed what sort of quilt he would like, especially if he was in a wheelchair a lot. Being a grumpy git at the best of times he asked for it to say 'fuck off'! Being treated differently because of his disability wasn't someone he wanted.

One of his normal catchphrase is "it's all about me". It was obvious to me then what the quilt would be like,


I used Lu Summers porthole technique to create the words. It was fiddly but as I'm not a fan of appliqué it seemed a better option for me. The blue background is sketch, the rest of the fabric came from stash but I can't remember what it was and it was quilted with my trusty aurifil.

It's now with its new owner, that's his remaining leg in the picture. And for info, he's doing really well on his crutches and hasn't even used the wheelchair since he got home. I'm trying to find a good nickname for him on the "hoppy" theme but nothing has felt right yet. Suggestions?



Canadian Abroad said...

Excellent quilt and perfectly thought out gift for a friend who deserves it and so much more from the sounds of things. No idea about a nicknsme though. Bet Charlotte or Kelly come up with a good one.

Gertie Pye said...

I think we could all do with a quilt that says this some days! Hope he loves it - the quilting is fab. Are you enjoying the frame? Sooooo tempted to get one (although would involve moving house or selling children to nick a bedroom, so possibly not a good idea just yet)

pennydog said...

Binky? That's what they call the action of rabbits jumping in the air. Or Pronker- pronk is a binky for deer.
Probably both crap suggestions ;)
So glad you finished this one!

Leanne said...

It's a great quilt and he sounds like a great guy, grumpy or not.

poppyinstitches said...

It's brilliant! Something to make his hrump, if not smile.

Sarah Lou said...

Great quilt, I love the sentiment!

Shay said...

One of the most personal ( and funniest ) quilts Ive ever seen. I bet this gives Jim both warmth and chuckles when he needs them !

You rock Shevvy!

Michelle said...

One of the most awesome quilt gifts I have ever seen! The quilting is beautiful.

Suggestions? Hopalong. A fictional but famous American cowboy - Hopalong Cassidy.

Flying Blind... said...

Fantastic quilt!!
I couldn't help thinking about Jake the Peg, but knowing now what Rolf's 'extra leg' probably was, I feel a bit sick!!

I think I'd be calling him a Moody Wonker if he was my mate ;)

SewPsyched! said...

i love love love this quilt!!! my son (22yrs) wants me to make him one, as well. Hugs and best of wishes to your mate Jim. I would call him Wandering Willy;)