Friday, 16 April 2010

Every ash cloud has a silver lining!

I have a confession. I am a bad bad person. The great ash cloud in the sky that has closed UK air space since yesterday has caused chaos for hundreds of thousands of people.

But horrible me, its been brilliant! I love it.

Let me explain, the job I am working on is a contract to service the food and drinks onto planes. This week its all gone horribly wrong and the system has crashed every night. Thursday morning it went yet again and it looked like another bad day. Then the cloud came and stopped all the flights.

What a lovely cloud! A gift from God! In a building in west London there were a lot of happy happy people. The only ones connected with the airline industry this week I think. Its given us time to put some fixes in and last night clean up all the crappy data that we have been getting. I left work on time this morning!!!

All thanks to the cloud from an Icelandic volcano.


Unknown said...

I am glad this worked out for you. I know there are lots of angry people out there. I heard on the news that people wondered why there was no contingency plan! That really cracked me up. I guess the contingency plan is get on a boat, train, car or wait it out! Sometimes people are so stupid!

Shevvy said...

How could anyone have a contingency for an event like this! A giant cork to stuff in the volcano!what do they want, to risk flying? I wouldn't chance it after reading about the planes that have had all their engines fail. At least they are safe on the ground.
There are only so many ferrys running back and forth to mainlane Europe and they are completely stuffe and the eurotunnel is full.
This is an island, unless they want to swim the channel there is only so many methods available to them.
A friend of mine is stuck in Israel for another week. Her kids are delighted, another week on the beach and missing the first week of the new school term after the easter holidays.