Saturday, 3 July 2010

Killing time

What do you do when you have to kill a bit of time?

I went to visit my aunt (the incredible inflating woman) today in the hospital and thankfully she is returning to normal. However she is in a new ward and they wouldn't let us in between 1.30 - 3 pm as it was "rest time". As we arrived at 2 which was the time allowed in the other ward it was a real pain so we had an hour to kill.

We went just outside a few hundred yards to this!

London Bridge is just on the left out of shot, the Gerkin is slap bang in the middle of the City, HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge are on the right. Its so easy to take it for granted as this is the area I grew up in, my secondary school was about half a mile further down river from Tower Bridge. But on a lovely day seeing all the tourists running around doing the touristy things I realised how lucky I am.

Not only have I lived a lot of my life near the south bank of the Thames I worked on it for a lot of years as well. I could take you on a tour from Tower to Westminster Bridges of all the pubs I've been drunk in!

Now a-days I feel like I live in a different world to this, I'm all of 8 miles from London Bridge!!


Cynthia L. said...

I wish I would have known you when we were in London! I would have enjoyed a tour of pubs you were in! We fell in love with London and all of the sites. We would love to go back, there is so much to see. Funny, we always take what we have for granted. Glad your Aunt is doing better.

A Garden of Threads said...

I hope your Mom is feeling better. Wonderful view from the steps of the hospital.

Shay said...

150 years ago my family lived in London. Then they came here. I've always said I'm going to London one day and there you are living in the middle of it.

My friend SAJ is from Luton, emigrated here 4 years ago and says our pubs are nothing compared to English pubs. I wanna do an English pub crawl!

I'm glad your aunt is doing better.

Shevvy said...

Thanks ladies.

The only time I've ever bothered to go inside the Tower of London was when I was a teenager, me and my cousin were made (forced, blackmailed) to take a friend of our Mums who was over on her first visit from Ireland. Even though I spent 5 years getting the bus home from school from the first stop past Tower Bridge! I can't be bothered to go back because of the hoards of tourists!!!!

If you ever make it over (or back Cynthia) I'll gladly take you on a south bank pub crawl. See the sights and get plastered at the same time!