Friday, 11 November 2011

Its friday again

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Today, I went to see an exhibition at The British Museum curated by Grayson Perry with a lot of his own work and selected objects from the collection. It is titled The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman. You can read about it here

I wasn't sure what to expect of his work as all I really knew about him was that he is a tranvestive potter with a teddy bear. He gets quite a lot of press but what I've seen is about him, rather than his work.

As it happened, I thoroughly enjoyed it. His work really made me smile and I mean a proper genuine, fun happy smile, not a smirk or anything like that. Just pure enjoyment. And it wasn't all pots. The big cape embroidered with flying penises will stay with me for a long long time!

I managed to find this image on the web of a large statute of his teddy bear which I'm putting at the bottom of the post- those of a nervous disposition don't scroll to the end!

My only objection - dedicating it to craftsman - hello! Women here at the craft party as well! But I'll forgive him.....

So Grayson Perrys work has gone onto my favourites list, just for the sheer bloddy madness of a lot of it and the total humour he brings. No po faced artistic interpretation here as far as I can tell.

scroll down for the pic

grayson statue


Shay said...

I envy that you seem to have such wide tastes and get off to lots of exhibitions. I'd have to drag Mr. P kicking and screaming to an art exhibit. He was amazed he survived the first time I took him to the theatre.

Transvestite potter with a teddy bear wonder the focus is often on him and not his actual work.

Interesting piece !

Lane said...

Teddy bear was interesting, but I loved the vase I saw when I clicked on the link. He does sound interesting. Haven't heard of him before. Thanks for exposing me to something new and diff. Lane

Marg said...

That sounds really interesting. You are so lucky to be able to have great exhibitions so close to home.
Had to laugh at -The big cape embroidered with flying penises will stay with me for a long long time! I had visions of you nabbing it and running out the door with it over your shoulders.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great exhibition....thanks for the link. The teddies I collect don't look like that. LOL!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Well they say art is in the eye of the beholder! LOL He sure is different. You so lucky to be living in London with all that culture :-)