Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Guess what I've been doing?

You won't so I will tell you.

I've been teaching some people patchwork. Get me!

A few people at one of the craft groups I've been going to expressed an interested in learning with the possible aim of making a charity quilt. As it will be worked on in the pub we meet in it will be done by hand so I went for a nine patch block. I figured this was a good place to start.

I said I would supply all the fabric etc as I have so much and pulled this lot out from stash and cut it all up into 2.5 inch squares ready for action.

I had three students working on it and we have 2 blocks finished and 2 nearly finished. Not bad going I thought especially as one chappy turned up who had never been before and didn't seem to have much experience of sewing.

What I've said is I will take the supplies to every meeting and if people are in the mood for it they can have a go or leave it until next time. I'm interested to see how long it will take to build up a good supply of patches.

So everything was going well until I was leaving the pub and took a very undignified tumble down the steps, all the rains fault, no alcohol was consumed I promise. I'm expecting my bum and my elbow to show some interesting colour bruising over the next few days.


Helsie said...

Hi Shevvy, sorry I've not commented for a while ... but I have been visiting!
If anyone could teach quilting it would be you! You have heaps of experience and from what I've seen can do just about anything quilt-wize and do it extremely well !!
Hope you didn't hurt anything badly from the fall. Did anyone see? That's almost the worst part isn't it?

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Ouch - darn rain!! I usually blame the moon for my tumbles/breakages but the rain works! Exciting quilt and made by newbies - very cool!!

Sheila said...

Ouch, hope no awful after effects!
Your pub quilting sounds excellent, looking forward to seeing the results.

sydthewyd said...

Ooh.. hope nothing is hurt worse than bruises! That is such a nice thing to offer to teach people how to patchwork. From what I've seen of your stuff, you certainly have the skills!

Leanne said...

I love the idea of quilting in the pub, I always knit in the pub, but teaching quilting in the pub steps it up to another level! I hope you heal up soon, we have some walking to do in Paris!

Shay said...

Oh hon, Im sorry to hear you took tumble.

I love the idea of quilting in the pub too...so long as your students dont get shiggered while sewing (the results could be disastrous!)

And Im not surprised your teaching and sharing your skills. I've noticed you're getting really confident in your abilities the last year or so (and you should be totally proud of yourself because your crafty stuff is wonderful!)

Lane said...

Look at you! Teaching, too! We're going to have so many people quilting that the price of cotton will go up. Enjoy and take it easy on your bruises. Lane