Monday, 2 April 2012

Hexie progress

I have been slowly working on my hexies on and off for the last year using up my scraps. For the first time I took the completed bundle and laid them out to see how many more I need to do and discovered to my delight, not many at all!

In fact I think I only need 4 more and as I have enough already basted waiting to be stitched together I can see the end in sight!

The four extra are needed for the bottom row and seeing it on the black fabric, I am even more conviced that this is the way to go. I am going to applique them on rather than making hundreds of black hexies as I couldn't face doing that. I know it is cheating, but so what.

I intend to hand applique and quilt at the same time, who know how it will turn out. I am going to use embroidery floss as I have loads hanging around in every colour. I also intend to do an echo border around each flower using different stitches to give it a bit of a different feel.

I next need to decide on the layout of the flowers - I was going to do them in a rainbow order originally, but like the randomness created just now. Any thoughts?

I think I will use a grey solid for the backing so that the different colour quilting and applique stitches will show up there as well.


Annabelle said...

Oh my god they must have taken forever and will look amazing however you blend them. xxx

Shay said...

I dont think appliquéing them on is cheating. That's a darn good idea!

And yes- block is the way to go because it looks amazing! I love this quilt already.

Leanne said...

I am partial to rainbows right now, but they also look great the way they are. I think your idea of applique and hand quilting as you go will make it a nice project to work on, with enough variation so as not to get boring.

Sarah said...

Lovely! Applique isnt cheating at all :-)

Marg said...

I think appliqueing them on to the backing is a brilliant idea.
I like the way you have them now.

Tammy said...

Wow! your hexies are beautiful. They look fantastic on the black background. Good work...very well done.

Sheila said...

Love those hexies on the black, looks brilliant.