Monday, 27 August 2012

How great is the quilting community?

I was going to go for a more obviously title to this post as it is basically going to be aimed at making you all jealous but then I realised it was more than that.

On Tuesday evening the London Modern Quilt Guild got to meet Tula Pink!!!

She was in the UK for the festival of quilts and got in touch with us to give us a talk. We arranged a meal in a pub in knightsbridge and the tone of the evening was set while we were eating and the tv starting showing channel 4s Embarrassing Bodies. Some very explicit diagrams of male to female sex change operations are not what you really need when trying to impress a quilting celebrity!!!

But it did relax everyone and Tula gave us a great talk on how she designs, showed us loads of drawings and fabric samples then some amazing quilts. I was far too busy drooling to get many pics and none of them are very good but the one below was stunning.

But was an evening with the lovely Tula enough? No, it wasn't! It turned out she had couple of days on her own in London so I basically inflicted my company on her for one of the days and she kindly didn't report me to police as a stalker.

We went to the V&A of course, where else would you take a designer? We met up with Ruth from Twohippos there and the pic below is of Tula and Ruth in the William Morris dining rooms.

Then we headed off to Liberties where Tula's fabric is now on sale. She wouldn't let me take a pic with her and the fabric, I know it would have been very cheesy! It looked like it is selling well though.

After lots of chatting and cafes and celeb spotting I finally had to let her go free in the evening but I had a wonderful day.

So if you are at all tempted by her fabric let me encourage you to buy lots as she really is a great person and I for one am very happy to see someone with huge talent and a fab personality get rewarded for all their hard work.

Go on, you know you are only looking for an excuse to buy more fabric anyway!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Festival of Quilts

I had a fabulous time at the FoQs over the weekend. I learned my lesson from last year and went for two days this time and booked on some workshops and a lecture.

I got to spent time with lots of lovely quilters, some I knew from the guild, and FQ Retreat and others I just ended up talking to in the hotel, in the coffee shop or in a workshop.

I did a reasonable amount of shopping but not too much so I don't think I went too mad.

Even with 2 days I didn't get to see all the quilts on display or look at all the vendors but I took it much easier and enjoyed what I did without stressing.

I loved the variety of the quilts, there was truly something for everyone there. I think I am not the only one baffled by one or two of the judging choices but each to there own.

I took loads of pics but they didn't display the names of the makers. Here are a few that stood out for me.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Some weeks are better than others

I spent the majority of this week living up to my newly self-appointed nickname "irritable bitch".

When my friend, colleague and technically my boss on this contract
said yesterday I had been noticeably and unusually grumpy this week I said it was because I couldn't be bothered stroking the egos of people who are getting paid really well to do a job and haven't been delivering what they need to do!

As he was one of those people, although not the only one he got the message! We start a big phase of the project Monday and if people had got their fingers out more and grafted instead of swanning around trying to look important we would be in a much better place.

I can't do everything and if I am going to try then pay me everyone else's money and get rid of them!

But things got a bit better driving home Friday. Thanks to the Olympics, getting through central London was a breeze. Can we keep them forever please?

But more mood enhancers were waiting for me at home!

In the shape of a package from Canada sent by my friend Leanne at

Isn't it amazing how something comes at just the right time. I have seen Leanne's style develop and think it is fab and she used green for me as it is my favourite colour. This table mat is just perfect.

The special chocolates were an added bonus, they will help keep up my spirits this weekend before gong back Monday morning.

Thank you so much Leanne!