Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year Intentions

I've decided I don't like the word resolutions - they always seem to be about giving something up so I'm using intentions instead.

I've totally neglected this blog, but I don't want to shut it down. So my intention for the year is to give it another go and see if it can help me stay in touch with my creativity as that was its original intention when I started it.

It was a great way to connect with the quilting work and I made so many virtual and real life friends with it so I have a real emotional attachment to the idea of blogging. However over the last 2 years I've posted 5 times! Thats not enough.

I can make all sorts of excuses about why. Life, Instagram etc but they are only excuses. I have been blogging in a different format as I launched my professional website in 2016 and blog on there. Obviously thats focused on counselling and therapeutic topics and I have just posted one about the New Year which got me thinking about this blog.

Last year was a year for me of massive change, I lost two siblings, I found two I didn't even know existed. I connected with family on my Dads side for the first time, I refused to have contact with some family members. Its all been so over the top, even soap operas would look at it and say it was too much!

Along with started my new business and new job its meant that my creative side has suffered and I need to connect to it again which is why I want to set a small manageable goals of blogging once a month. Just to keep me moving and hopefully having something to share with you.

I'm going to pull all my quilt tops out of the piles they are sitting in during the week and see what I can do to get some finishes done. Watch this space.


Leanne said...

I'm so glad to hear that your practice is up and running, starting a business is a lot of time and thought. Would love to see you here too, your work is lovely and inspiring.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Wow, it sounds like you really have been dealing with a lot - but it would be lovely to have you back on the blogosphere! Good luck, stay strong and happy! Love Helen xx

Lane said...

I'll be watching this space. It will be nice to see you in the quilt blogosphere again! Lane

Two Wednesdays said...

Yay for the Practice being up and running - though your personal year sounds emotionally draining in so many ways. I'm only blogging my few Finish along finishes. Sometimes it uis difficult to know what to write, I think, and then the actual action of starting a post can seem to hard, so I do nothing - not that I've ever been much of a blogger anyway! It is lovely to read about your creative endeavours too, though.

Michelle said...

Shevvy, I hope you can return to your quilt blog. I love your posts! But this is coming from someone who until now has not blogged since 2014! My reasons are much like yours - much upheaval in my life (which has since calmed). I did not shut down my blog, and now that I'm ready to return, it's a bit like coming home.