Saturday, 11 January 2014

2014 1st quarter finish a long

The link up for the new quarter is open at so go and see what others are committing to.

I've have failed quite badly in the past and missed the last quarter completely. My usual approach is to put on everything I have and then get all disappointed when I don't achieve much.

I'm only going to put a select few quilts in my goals this time.

Firstly, loving the love. As it is already on my frame and half way quilted I should be able to get the quilting and binding done.

Then Jim's quilts. The top is made, it needs basting, quilting and binding.

This needlepoint is done, it needs making into a cushion.

And lastly, let's try and the tufted tweets top finished as well.
I think that might be manageable!
Fingers crossed.