Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Finally some sewing

I ended up with a free day today as a couple of appointments got cancelled.

I could have used the time to finish my last assignment, I could have used it to give the house the deep clean it badly needs - but instead I ran the sewing machine for the first time in ages.

I wanted to practice curved piecing which I have a real mental block about. I cut and made a lot more crap seams than I made good one but in the end had enough to turn into this mini. It's around 15x19 inches.

I've no real plan for it, but it was just great to sew. I have to confess in my impatience to get to the quilting I hardly basted it so ended up with a huge pleat on the back but who is going to see that right?

I went to the sandown show at the weekend and there wasn't a lot modern as expected. But we have to keep entering to give a more balanced picture of what is happening in the quilting world. It doesn't have to be all batiks and art quilts. I can't remember if I saw any designer fabric used at all. When I think about the variety that's on show on-line compared to a real life show it is very disappointing. More of us need to take part. I don't know if it is the same anywhere outside the uk?

Anyway, last pic of this quilt hanging up for the first time. The lighting was poor so sorry about that.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Out of assignment hell!


I've got one left, but that doesn't get marked so I feel like I can relax again.

It's been a tough couple of months, but I'm looking forward to focusing on my quilting over the summer.

I wonder if any of you remember last year I went to the Sandown quilt show and wasn't too impressed? Well I was challenged by Ferret http://www.ferfab.co.uk/ to put my money where my mouth is and get more modern quilts into it.

Lucky a few of the members of the London Modern Quilt Guild took pity on me and have entered. So I had to put in one myself. 

I made this for the show but hesitated before going for it. The show is next weekend so if you are in the area try and give it your support and see if you can spot the modern quilters quilts! I hope people enjoy them.


Even though I haven't been sewing, it was my turn in the Fqr Kinky Bee. I was very mean and asked for flying geese blocks in whatever configuration people wanted to make using the fabric I sent them. So far these are the ones I've had back and I absolutely love them. The variety of how my brief has been interpreted is amazing.

The next retreat is in July, but I doubt I will get a top ready to show the ladies.

I hope to become a more regular blogger and commentator now I have less pressure, I've missed you all.

Wish me luck for next weekend. I hope they aren't too mean In their feedback!