Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Finally some sewing

I ended up with a free day today as a couple of appointments got cancelled.

I could have used the time to finish my last assignment, I could have used it to give the house the deep clean it badly needs - but instead I ran the sewing machine for the first time in ages.

I wanted to practice curved piecing which I have a real mental block about. I cut and made a lot more crap seams than I made good one but in the end had enough to turn into this mini. It's around 15x19 inches.

I've no real plan for it, but it was just great to sew. I have to confess in my impatience to get to the quilting I hardly basted it so ended up with a huge pleat on the back but who is going to see that right?

I went to the sandown show at the weekend and there wasn't a lot modern as expected. But we have to keep entering to give a more balanced picture of what is happening in the quilting world. It doesn't have to be all batiks and art quilts. I can't remember if I saw any designer fabric used at all. When I think about the variety that's on show on-line compared to a real life show it is very disappointing. More of us need to take part. I don't know if it is the same anywhere outside the uk?

Anyway, last pic of this quilt hanging up for the first time. The lighting was poor so sorry about that.


Tammy said...

I saw lots of people getting up close to look at your quilting, one pair were trying to decide if the Fmq or stitch in ditch/outlines were done first. Do you get any feedback? Would love to know what they think of more modern quilts.

I was surprised to see the Under 16 winner was a very traditional Dresden.

I loved Ferret's exhibition and I enjoyed watching her working on the long arm (barefoot)

Finally I was disappointed to see so many badly creased quilts, can they not steam them before exhibiting?

MetroQuilter said...

Glad you've found some sewing time. Looks like you've conquered you fear of curves.

Shay said...

House work vs sewing – sewing will win every time in this house –great call. And way to go for overcoming the curves fear thing too...it looks brilliant. (I cant see the pleats and who cares anyway – you’re right – its the back )

I bet it was thrilling to see your quilt hanging there in all its glory . And I agree with you about their being a distinct lack of modern quilts at quilt shows - but Im still not quite ready to put myself out there !

Sarah Lou said...

Love your mini, it sounds like the perfect uae of an unexpected free day! Well done for blazing the trail with the show; someone has to be the first! I couldn't make it but love the quilt in photos. Hope you got some useful feedback.

Leanne said...

I am so pleased that you went to see you quilt in the show. It is a wonderful quilt and I am sure that people are very pleased to get a chance to see it. Your little quilt is also lovely, nice to see you had some time to sew.