Sunday, 30 January 2011

Your wish is my command

I was asked for a few more pics of my innocent crush top so here they are below. You will see when you look closely at the fabric that some of it isn't the nicest - at least I think that but all together it came out good. The first pic shows the patches before I got the sashing out, you can see how they lack definition and needed something.

On a more practical note, I was very happy with myself yesterday, I fixed my washing machine! Hooray. Well it wasn't major, I use dryer sheets when I tumble dry and one had got sucked in and stuck in the filter. This happened about a year ago and I got a man out. Well I watched what he had done and was able to do it myself this time. I was all congratulating myself until this morning. My machine is fitted into my very teeny tiny kitchen and I had pulled down the plinth under the side the machine is on. I had left it down overnight to make sure the floorboards were dry where some of the water spilled. All good.

Then I tried to put the plinth back up and could I f***ing do it? No! So now it looks a total mess half hanging off under all the units. This is why I need a man to have the strength to clip it back onto the legs. They have to be useful for something! Now it will be like it for months until someone useful comes round. That sounds like I'm a bit of a hermit, honestly I'm not. I just tend to be the one running round to other houses or meet friends somewhere central. I very rarely have visitors as I don't really know anyone who lives close.

On a brighter note, as its near enough the end of the month I will fess up about my new healthy eating and exercise regime. Well over the month I've done about 15 hours on the WII Fit and do feel some improvements with my stamina. Thats more hours exercise than I've probably done in about 10 years! I haven't lost much weight, 5 pounds, but its a step in the right direction and I'll be happy if I can sustain that rate every month.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Innocent Crush

So last week I was finally ready to get the sewing machine humming again but what to do? I know I have a big pile of tops waiting to be basted and quilted but I couldn't face that.

Sitting staring at me was my stack of Anna Marie Horners Innocent Crush, so I decided to start cutting into that. I didn't really have a plan, I just started making nine patches out of them.

When I had a load of them, I dithered a bit then went for the square in square look. I then had 22 blocks, but they weren't really big enough as they stood, so I sashed around then with one of the fabrics from the nine patch.

It all seemed lovely but a bit full on. It needed a bit of calming down and I when through my stash for something to sash them with and found this dark red. It worked perfectly and came out 47x59 inches with 2 patches left over to go on the back.

How good are you at planning a quilt, or do you make it up as you go along?

Friday, 28 January 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I'm joining back in with Mrs P on Favourite Things Friday. Check her out for more favourites

When I was 12 I went on a school skiing trip to Italy. I absolutely hated the skiing and managed to dislocate my elbow at the end of the first day, it was a total blessing as I didn't have to ski anymore and instead could enjoy myself enjoying the scenery. I had never seen mountains before and thought they were wonderful. I haven't any pics of these because they are so awful.

Then, when I was 16 I went on another trip to Italy on a coach tour. I have a wonderful memory of driving through the night then waking up at dawn after coming through a long tunnel to snow covered mountains. This pic is a bit rubbish as it was taken through a coach window half asleep but it gives you the idea.

Then for the next three years I had summer holidays in the Alps. No snow to worry about then, just beautiful scenery. Switzerland was picture perfect, just like you would imagine it would be.

Austria had more interesting towns like Salsburg and Innsbruck, but still lovely mountains.

For some reason after that, I didn't go anywhere on holidays where I got to enjoy the mountain air until last summer. Cruising to Norway, day trips into the countryside, mountains, waterfalls! Perfect.

Of course, as much as I love experiencing them, I don't think I'd manage very well living there. I'm a soft city girl at heart, and the thought of driving up some of those mountain passes! It makes me nauseous just thinking about it!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Getting my quilting mojo back

Hopefully now things are going to get back to normal. The funeral went off extremely well on Thursday if I do say so myself and there was a good turn out for my Aunt.

All her possessions are now with various family members or off to the charity shop which means I get my dining/sewing room back and I've finally got the sewing machine humming again after a months absence.

I fininshed the binding on this quilt which has been waiting for it for ages, since October I think. It was just quilted with straight lines on either side of the seams using a variegated golden thread. Its a bit wonky in places, but never mind. I pieces this using random charm squares I had and thought this was a nice, simple settting for them.

I also treated myself today to a fabric blow out. I keep telling myself I'm on a fabric diet, but when I realised that my local fabric shop (when I say local it is 40 mins drive without traffic) was having a sale I decided to go and see what was what.

They had loads of fabric for £5 per metre, half the normal price so as a belated Christmas pressie to myself I got this lot. The top right one is a metre, all the rest are two metres. 21 in total! I think thats the most I've ever brought in one go!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hand Sewing

I haven't really got room to do any sewing on my quilts at the moment as my dining room is full of my Aunts stuff while I get it sorted out.

Luckily, before all this started I had prepared a lot of hexagons and was just getting ready to start hand sewing them into the little flowers.

These are the ones I've done so far.

Progress is slow but every now and again they help calm my mind from all the family stress.

These are all from scrap 2.5 inch squares and they use a 1 inch template. I haven't decided what I am going to do with them yet. Part of me is thinking about using applique to put them onto background squares, alternatively using a background colour to create a line of hexies around each one.

And what background colour to use? It has to be dark I think, I was thinking black but it might be too harsh. My default would be dark green or brown but that might be too samey. Plum or blue? Who knows, I've got a long way to go before I make a decision.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New year and anniversary

Well I'm back. I hope you all had a peaceful and Happy Christmas and New Year and are not suffering too much with a hangover today.

Things are hopefully all organised for my aunts funeral now, it will be in a couple of weeks. Thats the trouble with things happening at this time of year, it takes a lot time to get things sorted, especially when there is a committee of people with opinions to consider.

This is my one year blogging anniversary. I had thought of doing something for it as I totally missed my 100th post but its not to be.

When I started last year I was really nervous, it took me about 6 months to work up to doing it. I didn't know if I would have anything to say, or if anyone would read my ramblings.

I'm so glad I did. I really enjoy it and the support and input from you all. Its lovely to chat to people all over the world who I have something in common with but also such differences. The differences are the things that make you all so interesting.

Its been a transition year for me.

I made some major decisions about my future. I started part time study and met a great group of people. I am only working on shorter term contracts that are closer to home so no more leaving home at 6am monday morning and not coming back until 8pm Friday for months, really years on end. It was good money but left me with no life.

I lost two aunts and an uncle from my immediate family. My Mum was one of 13 children but there are only 4 left now which is a strange thought.

I am learning to be kinder to myself. I'm not all the way there yet, not by a long shot but I am trying.

As for the next year, who knows, what will be will be. However, I do have one resolution. I haven't made one since I was a child but I do need to stick to this. I need to loose weight and get fitter. If I don't I know it will start causing me health issues now I am in my 40's. I'm not prepared to publicly say how much I weigh, but if I lost 5 stone I would still be overweight!

I also have to work on finishing off my quilt tops. I have 9 sitting on a spare bed giving me the eye everytime I walk into the room.

For any of you making resolutions, I hope you can find the fortitude to stick with them.