Saturday, 15 January 2011

Getting my quilting mojo back

Hopefully now things are going to get back to normal. The funeral went off extremely well on Thursday if I do say so myself and there was a good turn out for my Aunt.

All her possessions are now with various family members or off to the charity shop which means I get my dining/sewing room back and I've finally got the sewing machine humming again after a months absence.

I fininshed the binding on this quilt which has been waiting for it for ages, since October I think. It was just quilted with straight lines on either side of the seams using a variegated golden thread. Its a bit wonky in places, but never mind. I pieces this using random charm squares I had and thought this was a nice, simple settting for them.

I also treated myself today to a fabric blow out. I keep telling myself I'm on a fabric diet, but when I realised that my local fabric shop (when I say local it is 40 mins drive without traffic) was having a sale I decided to go and see what was what.

They had loads of fabric for £5 per metre, half the normal price so as a belated Christmas pressie to myself I got this lot. The top right one is a metre, all the rest are two metres. 21 in total! I think thats the most I've ever brought in one go!


Nadine said...

oh I love the colours. this is beautiful.

Marg said...

Your quilt looks very pretty, I love the simple layout of it and the way you have laid out the charm squares.
Wow 21 metres, lots of beautiful fabric in there.

Michelle said...

I'm glad your aunt's funeral went well. You've had such a rough patch, it's great to see you back sewing. Delightful!

Good for you on the luscious fabrics. You deserve a treat!

Shay said...

Nothing like going crazy in a fabric store (or online as the case may be ) Beautiful fabric choices among that lot. 5 pounds a metre is a bargain, I would have jumped in too!

Congratulations on the quilt finish -it looks lovely and I bet it feels good to be sewing again.

Glad eveything went off without a hitch for your aunt.It's been a really stressful month for you and Im looking forward to seeing you get your crafting mojo back.