Thursday, 11 July 2013

Scrap fun

I decided it was time to start tackling the carnage that is my dining/sewing room. There was bits of fabric everywhere.

The first task was to tidy up all the scraps. As I've said before, I love saving my scraps and have all sorts of sizes organising but I realised I had just been stuffing them willy nilly into every corner I could find for the last year - whoops.

So I started sorted and the triangles in particular were so out of control I couldn't stuff them all into my container (old take away plastic box) so something had to happen with them.

I picked out my Oakshott cotton bits and sewed them together without any thought and had enough to make this mini. I used some Kona solid for the sashing and binding - also scraps along with bits of left over wadding so this is a true scrappy project. It finished up around 10x13 inches.

I quilted using my favourite Aurifil and here is the back to show the design more. Its one that I learned from Angela Walters Craftsy class.


Anonymous said...

looks brilliant! I like the way you have used triangles and the quilting.

Lane said...

I love the flowers quilted into your mini. Isn't a quilt made of just leftover bits fun to make? Lane

Shay said...

So darn cute !

I love that quilting. Are you going to hang this somewhere sop you can admire it constantly(I would!)

alice findlay said...

lovely quilting , so pretty!