Thursday, 25 July 2013

Where to begin

So much has happened in the last week - its been so much fun I don't know where to begin.

On Wednesday I went to Hove to a workshop with Lisa Lam and a few members of the LMQG and made this little purse.

We also got to have lunch by the seaside in boiling hot weather and I didn't burn! Yippee.

Then on Thursday, the quilters arriving for the were hitting town.

I met up with Leanne and Krista for lunch and then in the evening met up with Helen, Claudia, Lizzie, Aylin and Sarah at a meal organised by Amy.

Friday was the first day of the retreat and it went on until Sunday. I'll post more about my classes and goodies next time, but I laughed so much at one point I couldn't breathe. Fun and laughter with the best sort of people (i.e. quilters) really truly is the best therapy. I could feel the tension just fading away.

The hotel bar in the evening was also hilarious, especially the face one of the male guests pulled when he saw we were there for the second night. I guess he had enough of us the first night!

One of my biggest treats for the whole weekend was meeting one of my oldest blogging friends Marg in the flesh. I don't mean she is old, I've just known her a long time. Please note, for all us in the UK we've been pronouncing her name wrong and its a hard g. She thought we were taking the piss at first!

I spent the day with her and her lovely daughter (not at all like she is portrayed on Marg's blog) yesterday.

We chatted and wandered around a bit and then met up with Susan and her girls.

It was yet again another roasting day, so we went for afternoon tea by the river and chatted a lot more. By the way, this was only some of the food - it wouldn't all fit on the table in one go!

It was the perfect end to a perfect week.

Even better, unlike some poor people, I'm still on holiday - until September! Yippee. My work contract ended. My first year of the course ended and my school for my volunteering is closed. So I am going to enjoy every bit of the next few weeks.

And I've done some sewing - happy days!


Gertie Pye said...

Ooo those cakes look lovely Shevvy! I wish I had seen your funky new frame purse at FQR. Would love to do a Lisa Lam workshop one day - she is a bagmaking rock star! Hope you are recovered after FQR - if you have holiday until September you will have plenty of time to catch up on some rest. And some sewing! You will have armfuls of quilts at September's meeting!

Sarah Lou said...

A perfect week then! X

Canadian Abroad said...

Yesterday was indeed the perfect ending to a perfect week. Thank you. And what a great photo of you and Marg!

Di said...

We never really said anything more than hello. You have had a great week. Di x

Shay said...

Im so excited to see you and Marg together. Insanely jealous though that you got to meet and I wasnt there :(

Thats a great picture of the pair of you! Afternoon tea looks delish!

I bet Marg set you straight about her name quick smart ...she hates being called Marge!

moira said...

I loved meeting up with you, lovely lady. Did I give you back that seam ripper?

Leanne said...

It was a lot in one week. The end day with you and Marg and Susan and the daughters sounds lovely too. I am so glad we managed to have a lovely lunch. Enjoy your time off.

Marg said...

Thank you Shevvy for a perfect way to spend a day in London. The acternoon tea was superb.
It's good to see I finally made it into a photo!!!!!
I couldn't believe that everybody called me Marge, for awhile there I thought Shay had told everyone to call me that.
It sounds like you had a great, fun week.

Lkonrwi 2

thea said...

Sounds like a marvelous time! I am quite jealous.