Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Nine patch love

I really should stop starting new quilts when I have a pile of tops ready to be finished off but I can't help myself.

The last few days I've been making a load of Nine patch blocks. I think this is my favourite block pattern, I've already made a baby quilt and a single bed quilt using disappearing nine patch. There is just something about its simplicity and its so easy to get into a rhythm.

The fabric I'm using isn't exactly my first choice, it was all gifted to me by an aunt at the end of last year. She has made a few quilts but has decided she can't manage anymore. Its a bit of an odd mix, but I wanted to use it all in a quilt that is going to go to the family cottage in Ireland. No one lives there anymore, its just a holiday home but it where my Mum was born. There are some old handmade quilts there from my Granny and some beautiful embroidered linen.

My auntie Chris who gave me the fabric and owns the cottage hinted for years that she wanted something handmade by me to go back there. This was when I was very into needlework so she expected a tapestry or something. What she didn't know was I was working on a cross stitch rug but it stalled for a long time and eventually was finished 10 years after starting it! It finally ended up on a wall and I am determined not to have this quilt take so long to get back there.

I just need to decide what fabric to use as a sashing, I think the patches need one to bring a bit of order to it all.


Misty said...

Wow, this is gorgeous!

Shevvy said...

Thank you very much.