Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blog withdrawal syndrome and life changes

I've finished my second week of nights but am still going to be offline most of the time. I'm away this weekend for a family wedding and then back in the hotel all next week.

I find it really horrible not being on line more regularly and I'm a bit shocked at how many build up in bloglines for me to catch up on after only a few days. Its only then I realised how much time I usually put into browsing blogs, although until the last few months I was just lurking and was too shy/rude/nervous to comment much.

On another topic, tomorrow could be the first day of the rest of my life, (even though in reality it always is) but this one hopefully will be more significant. I am starting a short introductory course on Counselling Skills. Its something I've always wanted to do but once I went into full time work at 18 haven't ever really been in a position to give it go. This course should at least answer the question "is it the right thing for me to do?". If it is, I'm in a position to carry on studying and change my career entire, if it isn't I can put it aside and see what other options I have.

Basically, unless I win the lottery, find that millionaire to marry, enter a convent or run away to a commune I need to support myself  and I don't want to carry on doing what I'm doing for the next 20 years. Tomorrow is hopefully the first step in making the change!!!

My resolution for the year has been stop thinking about doing things and actually get on with them!


GerryART said...

Hey, Shev, the Power of Positive Thinking.

Your last sentence here says it "ALL" about you.
You are exercising you Power of Positive Thinking.

We're with ya, kid.


Unknown said...

Glad to see you have a moment or two to get back to blogging.

I say that any type of education is good for you, even if you never do anything with it. I am always trying to learn new things. So, if it interests you, go for it!