Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Roller coaster weekend

Do you ever have those weekend when so much happens it is hard to draw breath. Last weekend was like that for me.

I started the counselling course friday morning and really enjoyed it after I got over my initial nervousness. I'm really looking forward to it now.

Went straight from there to the Oxfordshire countryside for two nights in a lovely rural hotel. Had a nice relaxing dinner with one of my cousins and her partner before an early night, the night shifts I had been doing totally caught up with me.

The wedding ceremony on saturday was being held in a big old country house but at the last minute because it was such a glorious day they held it in the garden. A first for all of us, no one in England would ever be optimistic enough to plan an outdoor wedding! It was held on the steps.

A view of the house itself.

Even the ducks came to visit.

A great day of chatting and dancing and drinking. I was seated next to one of my cousins sons who is only thirteen and I haven't seen since he was a baby. Some people might think that is odd as we live in the same city, but London is big. I have over 30 first cousins, never mind some of them have kids older than me and a lot of them are grandparents themselves. Its a big family. Anyway, this lad was a total joy. Nice, pleasant, chatty, fun. A thirteen year old boy who didn't just grunt at you!

Unfortunately with all the good there was some bad. I got food poisoning at breakfast on sunday and have been suffering for two days. Even worse, during some conversations it looks like someone hasn't divided up a deceased persons will correctly so things may turn very ugly indeed. Greed is a terrible thing, especially within familys.


Cynthia L. said...

Looks like you had a wnoderful weekend! So glad the sun was shining. I am sure the bride was happy to be outside - I think there is something special about an outside wedding. I love the ducks, even though they are party crasher!

Isn't it nice to find teens that are nice and that will talk with adults? Since I homeschooled my daughter, she has no problem talking to anyone and people always comment on that. I have known some kids who won't talk no matter what!

Glad you had a lovely weekend. Glad that your courses are going well also!

Shevvy said...

Cheers Cynthia. Even my auntie, the mother of the groom who had been very negative about the ceremony beforehand because it wasn't a full catholic wedding mass enjoyed it in the end. I have never heard of anyone marrying outside in England before, so it was a real novelty and a beautiful setting.
The ducks were fun, but we talked a lot about how to cook them! We are a very carnivorous family!!!!

Shay said...

What a great place for a wedding and how lovely it was able to be outside.

Re: counselling ...have they go to the part yet where they talk about the three types of people who go into therapy?

Now onto important things - Did you get plastered and disgrace yourself?

Shevvy said...

The course didn't really get into details yet.

I answer to your other question, yes steady drinking from about 2pm til midnight. Disgrace? No, but I'm still a lightweight in my family. The Bride and Groom ended up in the same hotel as another cousin and his wife. The two boys are the same age and grew up together but don't see each other much anymore so they spent most of the night settled into the hotel bar!
I'm sure the bride was delighted! But then after 12 years together she must have know what she was getting!