Sunday, 20 June 2010

Getting better with triangles

I've finished the top I've been piecing with half square triangles. All the patterned triangles came from a scrap set I bought but they go together really well. The solid pink I got at John Lewis for those that are UK based and it blended really well. I've yet to see the fabled Kona Cotton Solids in real life so I've no idea how it compares to them but this one worked for me and it wasn't too expensive either. I really enjoyed playing around with the layout on this top, there are so many options.

My piecing accuracy is getting better. From a distance its ok and some bits close up look fine.

However some aren't so good, but then what saddo would be looking at the seams when there are pink poodles to enjoy! Aren't they cute. I'm amazed by how much I enjoy pink fabrics since I've started quilting. I'm so not a pink girl! (and blogger is turning my pics upside down again).

I also treated myself to some sewing books as I am going to take the plunge eventually and start trying sewing something other than quilts and mini bags. The Cath Kidson book came with a kit to make a little shoulder bag. The fabric, buttons and label were all included. The strap is attached with buttons, my first ever buttonholes!!! I had to get the instructions manual out to work out how to use the foot for the sewing machine and practise on scrap but they came out alright in the end.

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Shay said...

I really like the colours and patterns in your quilt ( I even recognised at least one of the fabrics - it's also in my stash).

I'm about to piece some triangles too. I have my fingers crossed it'll all be semi- square by the time I'm finished!