Friday, 11 March 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Its been a while since I joined in with Shays FTF gang but check out the others at

My favourite this week is Fabric Scraps!

I love my scraps, I never throw any away until I'm sure they are too small and I get so much pleasure from playing with them.

This week, they seemed to be getting a bit out of control so I thought it was time for a scrap attack.

My little bitty bits I put together into 3.5 inch squares and got quite a few more done.

I added these to my existing ones and decided to sash them with a brown from my stash. I got a lot of larger blocks together so it won't be long before there are enough of these to make a bonus quilt top.

I finished my wonky stars tops a while ago, even though it isn't quilted so I went for something different with the triangles this time. I got the idea for this from Gwen Marstons Liberated Quilting 2. I save my triangles from scraps and my binding which is why I ended up with so many. I really like the look of these blocks. I'm thinking of surrounding each one with longer strings to get those used up as well.

Lastly, I did a bit more hand sewing of hexies using my 2.5 inches scrap squares. This is my whole stack of flowers so far plus some more loose ones I've got done.

I can't believe that when I started quilting I was really tempted to chuck all these bits. They are the most fun of all in my book!


Lane said...

I'm with you. I'm a scrap hoarder. And, I'll take scraps from anyone. I love to use that last little bit that I didn't throw away, especially if it adds just that perfect little punch to a cute quilt. Enjoy. Lane

seabreezequilts said...

I use to be a scrap hoarder, now not so much, usually get rid of them when I have a major clean up and give them away to ladies who will do something with them instead of just hoard them. But love that you love your scraps

Marg said...

A great way to use up those last little bits, and the first one is coming together really well. I love your triangle one too.
I want to make some hexies, I'm going to have to try and make some soon.
I've kept my scraps from the raw edge circle quilt just in case, and after seeing your triangle blocks I think I know what I can do with them now.

thea said...

I love my scraps too, but I haven't used them much. You use them so well!

Larri said...

What an impressive use of scraps! Great favourite Shevvy. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

Shay said...

I really love scrap quilts and having a pile of scraps in boxes makes me really happy just looking at them and imagining what they'll end up being (at some point in the probably distant future )

I love the hexies...I keep saying Im going to do some ...and the triangle top is lovely!

Kate said...

Scraps = Fun! Love all your scrappy projects.

Sara said...

I think maybe I design my quilts a bit too efficiently - I hardly ever have scraps, so I haven't gotten to do a scrappy project.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Great FTF. I think my favorite is the triangle bits you sewed onto the corners of some light rectangles. Those are really interesting. I'm all about using it up! Great FTF.

xo -El