Thursday, 1 December 2011

Still a bit blah!

I haven't really got my quilting mojo back yet.

What with family crap and having a birthday this week I've not been in a very creative mood. Birthdays are not good times for me as they bring up a lot of bad stuff so I sort of dread them as I don't seem able to ever truly shake myself out of it. As long as I make it past the day without feeling like I've had a total meltdown then it is a success.

I did get taken out by my Mum for a lovely lunch on the day, so it wasn't all bad!

I have started thinking about quilt designs in bed again, so I think my mojo is coming back.

I finished off two more cushions, both of these were made to use up spare thread. I really love bargello in stitching and it was one of the first designs I tackled when I started quilting as well. I didn't get great coverage of the canvas in the first one but I've always loved the second. I love how it makes your eyes go funny when you look at it too long!

I also framed an old cross stitch. This is the only one I've ever done on black canvas and it wasn't easy. On top of that there is a lot of metallic thread in there which is hard to use. But, I do love dragons, I always have so I'm glad he has finally got finished. I just need to decide where to hang him now, he is sitting in the fireplace at the moment while I decide. I couldn't get a pic without showing the flash reflected in the glass, but at least you can see what a cute face he has!


Shocking Hocking said...

hey - still creating so that's always a good thing - great cushions - you must have a house full!!

Marg said...

Oh my gosh you have been doing well with your sewing and finishing all those beautiful embroideries and making them into cushions, well done. How many more do you have left to do?

Shay said...

Happy Birthday Shevvy. Im glad you had some fun with lunch.

Where are all these cushions going to live? You are moving forward at break neck pace with all this loveliness!

Leanne said...

Happy birthday! I love the needlework you have been making into pillows, and these pieces are especially wonderful! I hope you will feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Such beautiful cushions! It's so terrific you're getting them all finished up. And the dragon is simply fabulous!