Thursday, 19 January 2012

How Facebook can be a lifesaver

Yesterday evening something very distressing happened which has had me thinking all morning.

On facebook, one of my friends (a guy I used to work with years ago) posted a couple of suicidal status updates.

Thankfully, a couple of other people spotted them very quickly and got him help.

I realised afterwards I just didn't have a clue what to do in that situation. One of the guys rang through to the police straight away. One way or another, they are able to find someone, even if you don't know where they live.

Another thing I found this morning is a form on facebook to report someone who is posting suicidal content. They will work with the police to find out the home address of the poster.

This link has details of support hotlines

The important thing is to do something and not wait for someone else to do it, it may be too late.

And remember, this can happen to anyone. The guy who I know is a big strapping man who works in transport. But life appears to have got too much for him to deal with at the moment. Hopefully the help he is now getting will give him the support he needs.


Marg said...

Thanks for posting the link. You never know when you might need something like that. Hopefully never! Hope your friend gets the help he will need.

Helsie said...

Yes, very good advice. Thanks

Michelle said...

Wow! Yeah, that is a situation I would not have anticipated either.

Caroline said...

What a horrible experience, I really hope your friend is ok and gets the help he needs.

I guess that's one of the good things about social media - it enables people to communicate with their friends that they might not otherwise see. I'm glad facebook have something in place to help. Thanks for posting x

Colette said...

I hope your friend is getting the help he needs - thank goodness for the quick response of the others too.

Sarah said...

That must've been quite upsetting for you, hope you're okay. x

Shay said...

I probably wouldnt have know what to do in that situation either so thanks for giving us all the heads up.

Hopefully your friend will get the assistance he needs. Thank goodness he posted those updates and someone knew what to do.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Thank you for such a reminder.