Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Getting my wonk on!

I've been playing with my scraps again as they were getting a bit overrun. I had a number of these blocks made up a while ago so thought I would add to them.

Each block is made up of 16 3inch squares with my scrap triangles sewn to opposite corners. I am using the same colour triangles for each block of 16. I've made a couple of scrap quilts in the butterfly layout so went for something different this time.

I am going to back and quilt each block separately and then use a sashing to join them up. I'm not sure how many more blocks I will make. I have enough scraps for another 4 so that would get the quilt to 40x50 inches.


Sarah said...

Great block idea! It'll look really good :-)

Leanne said...

That looks like fun!

Kelly said...

Love your wonk, very cool blocks!

Shay said...

That's what I call making good use of scraps.

What an innovative idea too!

Helsie said...

Have you seen the lovely little houses that are being made of scraps everywhere. The quilts are supposed to be made up of 366 houses - one for every day of the year with a large one in the centre. They look terrific and are a great way to use up your scraps.
Fiddly but very cute.

Annie @ The Village Haberdashery said...

This is looking so cool!