Monday, 2 July 2012

Modern Art

The last challenge set by the LMQG was to make a piece inspire by modern art using solids.

Straight away I thought of an artist, Bridget Riley. When I first started working full time I ended up at Sainsburys Head Office and the directors floor had loads of modern art. It took me a lot of visits to really start to appreciate it (I use to deliver a daily report, not actually go and see the directors) and slowly Bridget Riley grew on me.

So I went to the fantastic Tate Online for inspiration. I originally earmarked these Elongated Triangles but never got the mojo to get on with it. I think because I wanted to finally break into my Oakshott Colourbox and this piece wouldn't have showed them off enough so I went back to the Tate and looked again and found Fete.

So I messed up my oh so pretty colourbox

and came up with a mini, 14.5x 14.5.

The mauve binding was my freebie from the Fat Quarter Retreat, as it was the biggest piece I had I thought it was best to use it in the binding and dotted throughout the piece. It doesn't look like it but there is more of that in there than any other colour.

It did go a bit wobbly in some places and I have my diagonals going in the opposite direction from the original piece but I'm really happy with it. Because I was using the mauve I went with a lot of blue, purple, pink and red wich aren't in my comfort zone but they worked. Its not possible to see how lovely the Oakshott is in the picture but it really does shine.

I went for straight line quilting on the opposite diagonal, it took me longer to decide that than anything. Does everyone else struggle with knowing how to quilt a piece?


Charlotte said...

that is so gorgeous! The Oakshotts are the perfect fabric for this challenge - I think at least three of us used them!

Sarah said...

Love it! Its your own work of art :-)

Helsie said...

You've nailed it again clever girl.

Colette said...

Wow that's gorgeous, very impressed.

Leanne said...

I love it! And your quilting is perfect! It is funny, sometimes I know how to quilt right away and sometimes I spend a long time debating. It is always easier when the piece tells me quickly what is needed.

Shay said...

I love the quilting! It's prefect for that quilt.

I often struggle with deciding how to quilt something (probably because I have to do a variation of straight or slightly wavy lines!)

Marg said...

Wow it looks great. I rarely think about the quilting until I have to do it and then I usually have no idea how I'm going to quilt it.

Anonymous said...

I love it, that oakshott fabric is perfect for the job, wish I could see it in person tomorrow.

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