Thursday, 24 July 2014

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014

Last weekend was the 3rd Fat Quarterly Retreat. Now like a muppet I didn't take many photos and still haven't sorted out my goodies or anything.

Thankfully others are a lot more organised than I am and if you check out the linky party you will be able to read a lot more about it.

I had an absolutely wonderful time over the whole weekend.

I did two different classes with Jen Kingwell. One on hand quilting and the other on hand piecing and appliqué based on her Green Tea and Sweet Beans pattern. She was a great teacher and I learned loads as well as being down to earth and just plain lovely. Having her on our quiz team was very amusing when her shop was an answer.

Jen also provided all the attendees to her classes with a finger pin cushion.


I also did two classes with Karen Lewis of Blueberry Park. The first was on screen printing and I had great fun and left with lots of ideas.


The second class was one where she stepped in at the last minute as the planned tutor wasn't well. I've always wanted to make one of Charlotte's fracture quilts and now I have finally started it. All the fabric for this class was very generously provided by Oakshott and it was great fun working out a colour palette.

My last class was with Lynne herself and was a great little class on the app Touchdraw. I've been using this for a while but I was hoping to get some hints and tips and boy did I! I've been squealing ever since over one particular feature which I will explore in more detail later on.

For me though as great as the classes were, it's all about the people. Spending time with old friends, getting to know some better and making new ones. I loved it. The energy helped reinvigorate me as I have been running on empty for some time, laughter really is the best therapy.

And talking of therapy, the main reason I have been so depleted is that after two years I completed my HPD in counselling and psychotherapy, I am now a qualified counsellor. Over the last term the stress and anxiety had been really getting to me and although my course ended the week before the retreat I hadn't been able to unwind until the retreat. That's when I was able to finally relax.

I'll post later on the goodies I came away with.



trash said...

Thank goodness for something refilling the happy tanks.

Leanne said...

Congratulations on finishing your course! I sure hope you get more of a chance to unwind, and I missed seeing you at the retreat but am so glad it was a fun time.

pennydog said...

Congratulations Shevvy, I wish I could have been there.