Thursday, 16 October 2014

Scrap loving

If you've been a long time reader of tis blog you may have picked up how much I love using scraps.

Well I'm not the only one and my friends Leanne and Nicky have created a new linky party to share the love. Somehow with the wonders of technology they have worked out how to have the same linky party from two separate blogs but go and check them both out.

I've entered my all time favourite scrappy quilt, called appropriated enough Scraptastic and I blogged about it a long time ago.



Shay said...

What a cute quilt . I dont think Ive seen this one before . I adore scrap quilts - the frugal person inside me loves to make something from almost nothing!

Gisella said...

Shevvy, that's gorgeous!
I love how the feather quilting completely changes the appearance of the white space.
I am still a bit too frightened by free motion quilting to have tried it, but I will soon. Your scrappy quilt will be my inspiration!

Di said...

It is beautiful Shevvy. A real testament to scrappiness. Di x

Marg said...

I had forgotten about this one and had to have a look through the link you posted. I still cant believe that this was your first attempt at wavy feathers, they are totally awesome. It also shows how much fabulous quilting can completely change the look of the quilt. I love how you use scraps too.

Unknown said...

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