Saturday, 23 January 2010

Blue Crush

Hooray, I thought of a name for a quilt! I have only done this for a couple so far.

This is one I've been piecing on and off for the last few days. The fabric is from a Fabric Freedom Noodle which is like a jelly roll but with 50 strips. This was blue and turquoise batik. I have to say the strips were not cut very well, but I was able to trim my blocks as I went and it turned out ok. Luckily they were generous on the width rather than tight.

At the moment it measures 40x64 inches. I have quite a few strips left but don't want to do anymore blocks so I might put a scrappy border on. Will decide in the morning.

I love the effect of batiks, but these aren't my favourite colours. I have to make myself use a variety of colours, otherwise everything I make would be in autumn shades of green, yellow and orange.

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