Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Still not finished

I started this early last year when my itch to start quilting couldn't be postponed any longer. I have had a sewing machine for a long time, but I was never confident with it, so in my wisdom I decided to handpiece.

I had been collecting fabrics I like for a long time and these autumn colours are my favourites. I've always known my colours, and as a dark redhead these are the ones I like to wear as well.

I made my blocks okay and loved playing with the various pattern that can be achieved with log cabins but I stalled with the thought of hand quilting. The heavyweight curtain quilting disaster I think put me off.

My lovely blocked are still in the trunk waiting to be finished. Part of me wants to get on with it by machine now, but I did so much by hand it would seem a shame!

Ah well, I'll leave the decision for another day.


Susan said...

This is just lovely, and so is your string quilt for the challenge. I love your autumn colors. I'm an Autumn (red hair, green eyes) too!
Writing from Jerusalem, where we are having some very Spring-like weather.

Shevvy said...

Thank you. I'm very much an autumn colours girl. I had been collecting those fabrics for years, just because they were such lovely colours.
Its a bit of a problem when I see green shoes though, I find it really hard to turn them down as well! They go with red hair, thats my excuse!
Lucky you, not stuck in snow, although I can burn on a cloudy day so Jerusalem would be tough as well!