Friday, 22 October 2010

Favourite Things Friday

I didn't know what to do this week, I have some ideas but they need more photos and I didn't have the omph to go and take them and then it dawned on me it was staring me right in front of my face.

This weeks FTF are my IPOD/ITunes combination.

When IPods first came out I coudn't see the fuss but eventually gave in with a model that looked like a brick compared to the ones these days. I labouriously ripped all my cds to ITunes and because my laptop was out of the ark it took about an hour for each one.

But it was worth it, I could take the Ipod away to work with me on overnight stays and be able to listen when stuck in hotels. Then I was able to use it while actually at work to keep out the noise around me and stay focused on what I was doing. 

Best of all I discovered Podcasts. Of course I could have them play just on the computer but I could listen to them in the hotel as well. I now subscribe to loads of them on all different subjects. Brilliant. I even use to listen to them in the car on the Ipod using the headphones when stuck in traffic. If you've never been stuck for 6 hours to move half a mile, let me tell you the best distraction to stop you going nuts is a lot of great comedy. And all these are free.

Eventually not only did my laptop and Ipod get upgraded but so did my car. I can now plug the Ipod straight into the car and listen through the speakers, yippee! I'm also carrying around in one little object my photo library as well as my music library. On top of that a few games have also helped while away the time when stuck alone in a hotel.

The thought of being without it now makes me shudder! How mundane life was before, how did we cope???

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Michelle said...

I don't have an i-pod; I've managed to resist. But you make a compelling case! I can certainly see that if a person traveled a lot or was frequently stuck in traffic it would be especially wonderful.

Larri said...

I don't have an iPod either. Having those little thingies in my ear makes me dizzy. :o) However, you've created such a wonderful post, I might give it a second thought about purchasing one. :o) Happy FTF!

Paulette said...

Honest to goodness, my second thought for possible favorite things, after Matthew Macfadyen, last night was my mp3 player! My next one will be an iPod, but now I've got a Creative Zen. Glad to hear you love and use yours!

Marg said...

I have an ipod but don't use it nearly enough. I am definitely going to check out more podcasts to see what I would like to download. I take my ipod away with me and use it as an alarm clock. I also have all my photos on it. I have Mac everything, computer, laptop, iPod, iPad, I love Apple.

Shay said...

My P bought me an IPOD the day the nano came out. It's still ticking along. Then 12 months ago he bought me the docking station so I can play straight from my IPOD through the station while I sew. It's fabulous.

Must say I've never listed to a podcast and have no idea how to do it /if I can do it. I might have to spend some time with my mate google checking that out.

You're a heap more technological than me. Thanks for sharing this FTF Shevvy (and for kicking my butt to see if I can get podcasts )

Helsie said...

I have an ipod but rarely use it. I loaded a talking book on it and took it on our last trip overseas. I found listening to the book was a great way to get some sleep!!! but I still haven't listened to the rest of the book !

Unknown said...

My daughter has an i-pod and she loves it. Big and I have an i-pod shuffle. I don't listen to mine often - I always forget. I did load a book on it and really liked having it to go on walks. I found it helped me to walk farther.

Shevvy said...

I forgot about the joys of audiobooks, and yes I have a docking station at home aswell so I don't need to change out CDs anymore.
Shay, you can find podcasts in the Itunes store or get them direct from the provider. The BBC has load available and I think you can access them anywhere.