Monday, 4 October 2010

Some oldies

Nothing interesting going on here so I thought I would show you some more of my quilts I made last year.

These two were made for my Mum. The first was made from a moda Jelly Roll and using a pattern from Jelly Roll Quilts. This went together really easily and I just straight line quilted it and I was very pleased with how it came out. I also felt I had cracked machine stitching the binding with this one, I didn't get any mistakes on the back of this one.

This one was made using all sorts of old fabric I had collected years ago when I nearly started quilting and then didn't. This was made with blocks made from 16 2inch squares and 8 inch pattern blocks and was a great practise quilt for working on my piecing skills. I free motion quilted it with a loopy pattern and it was all great until I washed it and then for the first time I got some fabric bleed into the white fabric. Mostly it was on the back so it isn't that noticable and my Mum doesn't mind at all.

I did learn to use colour catchers in the wash though. Despite this I still don't pre-wash my fabric as I have lots of small bits and the thought of all the ironing involved seems like far too much effort. I haven't had any problems since so I am prepared to take the risk!

Both of these ended up at 40 x 60 inches.


Lane said...

Lovely quilts!! Bleeding is a perpetual problem and is not always aleviated by prewashing. A couple years ago, I washed my entire stash and put the tiny bits in a lingerie bag so they wouldn't ravel. Still ironing as I need them, tho. Lane

Shay said...

Love both these quilts. So different to each other but very beautiful.

It is my biggest fear that one of these days I'll have a bleed after I've finished. I tend to wash anything I can before I start but you cant really do that with charm packs.

Marg said...

Both quilts are lovely, I have been thinking of making the first one, as a very nice person gave me the Jelly Roll book for my birthday, and I have so many jelly rolls in my stash.
I still don't feel confident enough to piece a whole quilt using 2" squares, maybe one day.
I particularly like the backing on the first quilt.
I have not washed anything I have made, so haven't had that problem yet. After reading lots and lots on pre washing v not washing, I have decided to not pre wash and cross my fingers.

Annabelle said...

Hi Shevvy, lovely quilts - shame about the bleeding. I tend to use dark colours on the back and hope that it just does not happen - like you I HATE ironing and would do almost anything not to have to do more than is necessary.