Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas is Cancelled this year

Well my lack of Christmas spirit sunk to new lows over the weekend.

One of my aunts who has been ill for some time was taken into hospital on Friday. On saturday we got more snow and I was unsure about travelling in to central London to see her at St Thomas'. Thankfully I did as she passed away in the afternoon with two of her sisters, myself, one of her many nephews and a close friend.

She had been put on a ventilator and we had  "the talk" with a doctor who looked about 12 about removing her from it. He was very good though and it was the right thing to do.

She never married or had kids but she had a partner. However he can't handle anything at the best of times so now I am sorting the funeral and her possessions out with my Mum and another Aunt. The phone lines are busy between London and Limerick, its almost going to be a funeral by committee as so many people want a say about what is happening. We will have a cremation in the New Year and then take the ashes back to Ireland to bury later but some people over there think we should take her body back which would elevate it to a whole new level of complication!

On top of that, more snow is forecast and I'm supposed to be going out to the country for my dinner of Christmas Day. I can't see us being able to make it so I want to get somethings in for my Mum and Myself if we can't!

I am not really going to be commenting or anything on any blogs until things get straight but I will probably browse when I need to get my sanity back and relax.

Take care and I hope your Christmas' are peaceful and drama free.


Michelle said...

I'm so sorry! Please take care of yourself and your family. It all sounds so stressful--but par for the course. We'll all be here when you can think about blogging again.

Big hugs!

Lane said...

Shevvy, sorry to hear about your Aunt. And, sorrier that so many of the details have been left to you. Hang in there and I hope things look up by end of week. Lane

Shay said...

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt Shevvy. I hope this time is not too stressful in terms of organsing everything that needs to be done.

We'll see you when you're ready to be back here .

Helsie said...

A bad time for this type of news.
Hope you can get away for your country Christmas though it does sound doubtful. Whatever you do stay warm and safe.
Merry Christmas

Marg said...

So sorry to hear about your Aunt. It really is going to be difficult trying to sort all that out isn't it, so all my best wishes to you.
I hope you do have a better end to the week, and if you can't get to your country Christmas dinner at least you and your mum will be able to spend time together.
We'll be waiting for you when you get back. All the best, and big hugs too!