Saturday, 1 October 2011

Mmmm.. Yummy

I don't know if you have notice that picture of a spectacular wedding cake over on the right and below? Well it was made by someone with lots and lots of skill and imagination (so not me then) who is working very hard on her wedding cake business.

Melanie is based South West of London so if you need something special please check out her website and get in touch with her.

And guess what? I managed to make my first button!

Daisy Chain Cake Company


Shay said...

I thought you might be announcing you were getting married or something.

It is a beautiful cake and Melanie looks like one talented cake maker. Like you I dont have a lot of talent when it comes to decorating cakes. I think sprinkles on top of very shoddy icing is adventurous.

Marg said...

That does look spectacular. I'm hopeless at decorating cakes. I thought you were going to say that you were branching out into wedding cake making.
If I ever know of anyone getting married in, or south west of London I'll let them know.