Monday, 31 October 2011

More minis and bits

I can now show you another mini quilt I made as a pay it forward gift. This one made its way across the Atlantic to Leanne in Canada

I am determined to tackle my fear of curved seams, especially as the quilts I love most are those with circles so I tried again with the drunkards path block. I had a complete different plan for this but I totally misread the instructions and basically had a brain fart so I ended up using all of the yellow solid as a background. It probably would be easier if I did bigger blocks as this little ones are very fiddly, but in the end they turned out ok and the seams nearly all match.

I hummed and hawwed a lot about how to quilt it, but in the end decided the straight lines and corners set off the curves nicely. It ended up about 15.5inch square.

Over the last few days I've gone back to some bits I had hanging around to turn them into minis as well as I enjoy making them so much.

This first one was my first attempt at handstitching hexies using leftovers from my tufted tweets top (which is still in the ufo pile). I never really had a plan for these so I satin stitched them onto the background with the quilt sandwich already in place. I practised a background FMQ stitch from Leah Days fab blog at As the hexies were looking extra big and puffy I didn't want to flatten them much so just freemotioned a flower design around them. Its clearer to see on the back. This little one is 11.5 inch square.

Then I turned to this one. I used a template to make the flower designed in the cream solids and tried to follow a marked line for the first time. It went a bit wonky, but still shows the design ok. Then I just made the rest up as I went along.

The centre was also a Leah Day design and it turned out really easy to do, well, a lot easier than it looks. Again, its most visible on the back. This turned out at 16.5 inch square.

I also made a few of these little baskets using this tutorial I tweaked it slightly by using heavy interfacing rather than wadding, but I'm pleased with them all the same. Sorry that the pic is so shockingly bad, but I couldn't get the lighting right on a miserable day.

Now I'm off to play with another orphan block I have hanging around to practise more FMQ.


Shay said...

You're kicking FM butt Shevvy! Both of those designs look really really fantastic!

Love those fabric baskets . I saw them a couple of weeks ago and had to restrain myself from rushing out to make them.

Lane said...

Your quilting is coming along so nicely! I love those little quilts. Aren't small ones easier to quilt than huge bedsized quilts? Great job! Lane

Sarah said...

Oh wow, you've gotten so much done!! And if thats the result of a brain fart.. well.. wish I farted like that ;-)

Marg said...

WOW. all that practice is paying off, your quilting is fabulous. I'm in awe of your fmq and the plain backs showcase it beautifully.

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Your FMQ is looking great! Nice work :)

Leanne said...

Wow, all the quilts are amazing and your quilting is wonderful. However, I have to say that I think the one that is now hanging above my sewing table it the best of all. Thank you again!!

Shocking Hocking said...

wow - your fmq is sensational - go you!!