Friday, 18 November 2011

Favourites thing friday

Once again the lovely Shay is hosting FTF over at

Today I'm going to continue the theme for the week with more old crafts items that I am digging out and displaying. This is a three-fold fav.

Firstly, I'm really enjoying re-discovering things I've made in the past that have been tucked away, out of sight and out of mind (in some cases for many years). They are bringing back a lot of memories but they are also having a big impact on my confidence. I have a problem that I've been working on with giving myself suitable credit for what I can achieve (not just with crafts but all walks of life). I look and these items and think, "shit, they are really good! I've got good skills that I could make them." I tend to underplay my skills for various reasons and this week, I'm not going to.

These little embroideries were all done at various points in the 90's. The oval ones spent a few years on the walls at my Mums before '94 but haven't seen the light of day since.

My second pleasure is that I am getting them on walls or into cushions on display so that I can enjoy them moving forward. I'm really pleased with myself for getting motivated enough to get this done.

Thirdly, dealing with turning the needlepoints into cushions. For some reason when I started needlepoint when I was 16 (a few years ago) I got it into my head that finishing them off into cushions would be really hard, so I left them, and left them, and left them...... until I am 41 (nearly 42). What a long time to have a fear for, especially as it has turned out to be so irrational. After finishing 7 off, I can now say hand on heart "this is easy". A part of me wants to kick myself for letting it be an issue for so long, but the bigger part is saying, it doesn't matter as long as I have cracked it now.

This one is the biggest I have and the kit for it was an 18th birthday pressie. I finished it within a year so its been in the cupboard for more than half my life!

This one is a style I really enjoy doing (in fact I have it in another colourway but not finished yet) as it has a nice variety of stitches.

I also like this one as I do enjoy Celtic style art and again it had a few different stitches.( not that clear as blogger has decided to turn the pics again).

So thats my favourite this week, finishing off things that have been left for years and enjoying the end results.


Shocking Hocking said...

great stitcheries - i'm impressed you kept them that long - every so often i get a bee in my bonnet and toss anything that hasn't been used/seen for at least a year.

Michelle said...

Those needlepoints are simply gorgeous! I'm so glad you've dug them out and are finishing them. It is funny to have been frightened of something for so long, and yet, I am guilty of it too. It is why I have those old quilt tops ~ afraid to machine quilt them. No more! And it such a feeling of satisfaction to know that I can now complete them.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Dang woman, you DO have skills! Good for you for starting to celebrate yourself and your work more instead of letting fear or self-doubt and criticism keep you from showing off your work. You create beautiful items, I hope you continue to celebrate it and brag about it to the rest of us so we can enjoy it, too! :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

You are a spectacular needlewoman so definetly give yourself a huge helping of credit and love for being who you are. I love them all. Well done.

Leanne said...

Shit, those are good!! I am so glad they are out and about for you and everyone around you to enjoy every day.

Canadian Abroad said...

You have an incredible skill at needlepoint and embroidery and it is good that these things are now on display. I love the celtic cushion most of all! Nice choice for FTF!

Shay said...

You have amazing skills . I couldn't even hope to do something like that. That takes real talent and skill. Im so proud you decided not to underplay it.

The floral embroideries are my favourites.

Lane said...

Oh, my word! Those are marvelous!! I'm so glad you're getting them out for display so you can enjoy them. Lane